University Marketing Communications

Marketing Update from UMC

January 16, 2014

One year ago, SFA embarked on a branding identity initiative to build on SFA's legacy of providing outstanding educational and research opportunities to our students.

The current economic climate has changed the way families make purchases and other financial decisions, and these changes have led to new developments in university marketing. Search engines and social networks have changed the way consumers obtain information and engage with businesses and with one another. More than ever, we have to answer the question "Why SFA?" as we compete for students, resources and reputation. The identity initiative will allow us to create visual unity across the entire university and will help us to tell a more cohesive and powerful story by leveraging all of SFA's strengths - emphasizing those that need to be better known and reinforcing those that are already familiar to our audiences.

Our off-campus research partners at SimpsonScarborough gathered information from individuals whose lives are touched by SFA in any aspect: students, prospective students, employees, alumni, community neighbors, high school counselors and potential employers of SFA graduates. (The SimpsonScarborough research data is available to SFA faculty, staff and students on the "services" tab of mySFA.) The themes that emerged are being taken into consideration as we work with Richards/Carlberg, a Houston-based marketing firm, to develop an authentic new identity for SFA.

For 90 years, SFA's mission has been to meet the educational needs of our students and society. It is our duty to SFA and to each other to make the best use of our resources so that we can be confident our future is in the hands of a generation well prepared to meet the needs that result from societal changes of the future.