University Marketing Communications

Marketing Campaign Update

February 9, 2015

Representatives from the Richards/Carlberg agency presented an update to members of the Board of Regents during their January meeting.

SFA’s 12-week fall campaign began Sept. 15 and continued through Dec. 1, featuring outdoor billboards, mall and airport signage, online streaming radio and online advertisements. Metrics from the campaign show that during this time period, there were 63,500 visits to the campaign landing page,, and more than 58,000 visits to other areas of the SFA website.

One series of advertisements promoted Showcase Saturday, and there was an 8 percent increase in attendance at the Nov. 14 event this year, when 1,054 prospective students visited campus. There were 973 attendees at the Nov. 13, 2014, event. Similarly, increases are occurring in the number of admission applications received and in housing applications.

The spring campaign launched on Jan. 12 and will continue through April. In addition to outdoor billboards, an advertisement in the Texas Monthly College Guide, online streaming radio and other online advertising, the campaign will include “terrestrial” radio with advertising endorsements by disc jockeys who have SFA ties. These advertisements will change throughout the campaign to promote attending Showcase Saturday, applying for admission, or registering for housing.

Danny Merrell
Sean Ericson

Videos that were created for use in the online campaign will be used this spring at athletic events and will be televised during basketball games.

The final results of the fall and spring campaign will be presented during the July Board of Regents meeting, as well as a preliminary work on the redesign of the SFA website. The new website will feature a responsive design that works on mobile phones and tablets. Since the website serves as a primary tool for prospective students searching for information about SFA, this project is a vital part of the marketing campaign. In order to gather the best information, one of the first steps in the project will be stakeholder interviews and audience surveys. Please be sure and reply to any requests for information that you receive about this project. We need your input and appreciate your support of SFA.