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Campus Carry Committee Charge

The Texas Legislature recently passed what has been referred to as "campus carry" legislation. This new law stipulates that beginning August 1, 2016 public institutions of higher education across the state may no longer adopt policies that would prohibit persons from carrying concealed handguns on our campus who are properly licensed to do so.

This legislation also recognized that each institution has unique programs and characteristics and as such authorizes university presidents to establish policies appropriate to their institution.

I have appointed a committee with representation from the faculty, library, staff and students to provide me with recommendations that will be consistent with the statute and appropriate for SFA. I will carry a proposed policy to the January 2016 or April 2016 board of regents meeting for final approval.

Baker Pattillo, SFA President

Please note: the law specifically prohibits university presidents from establishing "provisions that generally prohibit or have the effect of generally prohibiting license holders from carrying concealed handguns on campus".

SFA Concealed Carry Infomation

[Email sent to the SFA Community on December 11, 2015 at 4:15pm]

SFA Campus Community:

As most of you know, the Texas legislature recently passed Senate Bill 11 (S.B. 11), which prohibits public colleges and universities in Texas from imposing bans on concealed carry of firearms on campus. S.B. 11 does not go into effect until August 1, 2016. President Pattillo has appointed a committee, the SFASU Campus Carry Committee, to make recommendations about implementation of S.B. 11 at SFA.

Recently, in the process of gathering input across campus, committee members have had a number of inquiries about the new Texas Open Carry law, House Bill (H.B. 910), that goes into effect on January 1, 2016. There is apparent confusion about the applications of the two new laws to the campus.

The new Open Carry law (H.B. 910) does not allow open carry on public college and university campuses. It specifically prohibits partially or wholly visible handguns on campus. The new Concealed Carry on Campus law (S.B. 11) will only permit concealed carry on campus and only by Concealed Handgun License holders.

Included below are some links to Web sites for more information. The Texas A&M site has a good list of frequently asked questions. The committee is developing an SFA Web page with additional information, particularly related to the Campus Concealed Carry law that goes into effect next August.

Some reference sites:

Texas A&M Campus Carry Task Force -
Senate Bill 11 [S.B. 11] Bill Analysis [Carrying of Handguns By License Holders on Campus] -
Senate Bill 11 [Carrying of Handguns By License Holders on Campus] -
House Bill 910 [H.B. 910] Bill Analysis [Texas Open Carry law]
House Bill 910 [Texas Open Carry law] [does not change CHL concealed requirement for carry on campus under S.B.11] -

J. Keaton Grubbs
SFASU Campus Carry Committee, Chair

Comments to the Campus Carry Committee

The Committee invites and would appreciate comments from the campus community. Please feel free to contact individual committee members or the committee as a whole by sending an email to

Please Note: The Campus Carry Committee does not give legal advise on the construction, interpretation, or implementation of the new Texas carry laws. Nothing in this webiste or reported or presented by the committee or respective members is intended as or may be considered legal advice. Nor does anything contained herein or reported or presented by the committee represent an official policy, statement, or position of the Board of Regents or Stephen F. Austin State University.