Stephen F. Austin State University

Sport Clubs

The Stephen F. Austin Sport Club Program, administered by the Campus Recreation Department, is dedicated to the education of our student athletes through sport. By participating in the Sport Club Program students are involved with a student-run organization that continually educates by providing leadership experience, recreation, competition, and outstanding sportsmanship. Through the learning experiences afforded by Sport Clubs, these teams bridge the gap between Intramural Sports and varsity athletics.

Click on a Sport Club in the directory to see more about each club, officer contact information, match schedules, and more! Don't see a club you like? Call the Sport Club Office to get all the information you need to start a club of your own.

How Do I Join a Sport Club?

To join a sport club team, you only need to have interest. If you are interested in a particular club, you can contact the Sport Club Office or contact the club president by email and express your interest. Each club will hold organizational meetings at the beginning of each semester, as well as represent their clubs at orientations and student organization fairs. Once you have expressed your interest to the club officers, it is time to play.

Active Clubs

Inactive Clubs

If you are interested in starting one of these clubs back up, please contact the Sport Club Office!