Stephen F. Austin State University

Wellness Release Time

In July 2014 the Board of Regents approved Wellness Release Time, 13.25, which allows full-time, benefits-eligible employees 30 minutes of release time during normal work hours up to three (3) times a week for participation in physical exercise and wellness activities. Eligible activities include those offered at the Campus Recreation Center, through the Employee Wellness Program, or by walking on campus. Wellness Release Time is designed to encourage employees to pursue an active, healthy life-style, striving toward an improved quality of life.

The Wellness Release Time policy may be found at the following webpage:

To participate in Wellness Release Time:

1. Complete the SFA Wellness Release Time Approval Form
2. Send form to Human Resources: PO Box 13039, SFA Station

*Each fiscal year (no later than September 30), or when transferring a new position, employees must secure approval from their immediate supervisors and/or department heads prior to participation.

To participate in the Employee Wellness program:

1. Complete the Employee Wellness Participant Profile and Waiver of Liability Agreement.
2. Send form to Employee Wellness: or PO Box 13016, SFA Station

Please direct your questions regarding the Wellness Release Time policy or procedures to Human Resources at 468-2304.

Questions regarding the Employee Wellness program should be directed to Jessica Waguespack, Campus Recreation Employee Wellness Coordinator at 468-6056.

Jessica Waguespack, Employee Wellness Coordinator • Phone: 936.468.6056 • Fax: 936.468.7052