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Kick Axe Wellness Challenge

The Challenge

Welcome to the 5th Annual Kick Axe Wellness Challenge! This five week Challenge (February 4 - March 10) is focused on SFA's Seven Dimensions of Wellness to promote a healthier life. Teams of four will compete in a little friendly competition and earn points by completing weekly tasks.

Want to play and not sure how to get started? Read our Getting Started Guide.

Team Registration

Teams of four can consist of any faculty, staff, and students. Each team must have a team captain whose responsibility is to encourage fellow members to submit their weekly scorecards and who will serve as the point of contact during the Challenge. Registration opens January 14 and runs through February 1. Sign up using the Registration Form.


Score keeping begins February 4 and continues until the challenge ends on March 10. Each team member is responsible for completing and submitting their weekly scorecard to their team captain. Team captains are responsible for submitting the team summary scorecard by noon (12:00 p.m.) every Wednesday to the Challenge Coordinator. Scorecards submitted on time with full team's scores will earn an extra 20 points.

Scorecards and Due Dates:

Calendar of Activities and Events

In addition to the daily tasks that participants can complete to earn points each week, additional points can be earned by attending or completing special activities. Refer to the Calendar of Activities and Events for a full list of approved activities and their descriptions. Any additional approved activities will be listed on the SFA Employee Wellness website and emailed to each participant.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Intellectual: Developing and using one's ability to think and reason.

Career / Financial Health: Engaging in meaningful work and responsible monetary practices.

Spiritual Health: Exploring value and meaning in one's life.

Emotional Health: Awareness, acceptance and a healthy expression of one's feelings.

Physical Health: Taking care of one's body.

Socio-Cultural Health: Effectively relating to others, your community and your world.

Environmental Health: Caring for the Earth and one's surroundings.

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Challenge Contact Information

Employee Wellness Office: 936.468.6056

Jessica Waguespack, Employee Wellness Assistant Director •

Employee Wellness Assistant •