Stephen F. Austin State University

How to Register

IMS Registration

All entries for individual and dual, and team sports - as well as special events - are handled through the Intramural Sports Office located inside the Student Recreation Center.

To register a team, please follow the steps listed below:

One-Day Tournament Registration

Participants my register during any Major Team Sport registration or in the IMS Office. Registrations close 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. Registration varies on some events. PLEASE CHECK FLYERS AND ONLINE FOR ACTUAL DEADLINES AND START TIMES. Most events will have a start time of 4:00pm, but some events will differ depending on facility availability.

Registration will be accepted in the IMS Office in the Student Recreation Center or on-site starting 30 minutes prior to an event.
a) Students must check in at the front desk of the HPE Complex and acquire a shoe tag prior to participating in IMS events held in the HPE Complex.
b) Students must have a valid ID to enter any Campus Recreation facility.

For ALL one-day tournaments you must register 15 MINUTES prior to the event or you will not be allowed to participate. A registration form must be submitted with all information for the participant (name, phone, and email address.)
a) A blind drawing and seeding will take place 10 minutes prior to the event to determine match-ups.
b) Tournament format will be determined at the event dependent upon entries. (Single or double elimination format)
c) A single representative can register as many participants as needed (i.e. fraternity IM Chair can register the members who are coming.)

Some sports offered may be listed as "Open" meaning both men and women can be on the same team, however no number is designated and therefore, it is not a Co-Rec event.

There is a penalty for a no show or forfeiting an individual/dual or minor team sport if you are in the Lumberjack Cup race. Only register the people you know are coming.

Mid-Season and Weekend Tournaments

Registration for mid-season and weekend tournaments will be taken during any Major Team Sport Registration prior to the event. The deadline for each event varies. PLEASE CHECK FLYERS AND ONLINE FOR ACTUAL DEADLINES AND START TIMES.

Teams MUST pay for their team at the time of registration to secure a spot in the tournament.

All mid-season and weekend tournaments are pool play followed by a single elimination tournament format.

A minimum of four (4) teams in the division (men's, women's or co-rec) are required for champions to receive financial assistance to travel to regional events. NOTE: applies to mid-season flag football and mid-season basketball.

Major/Minor Team Sports and Play-By-Date Sports

(3 on 3 basketball, sand volleyball, etc.)

Instant Scheduling will be used for all major team sports. With this scheduling, all leagues will be set prior to the registration period. All accommodations will be made to provide an equal opportunity for all teams on all nights (I.E.: men's, women's, and co-rec leagues will be scheduled so that teams have options of nights and times). Leagues will also be broken into Competitive and Recreational divisions to differentiate between our competitive and recreational oriented teams.

To register your team in instant scheduling, the earlier you sign up, the better chance you have of getting the spot that best fits your team's needs. You will place your name in the league you want and your schedule is already produced for you. Example: If you want to sign up in league 1 for Co-Rec because they play on Monday's at 7:00 or 8:00, you will fill in your team name into a team slot. That team slot will correspond to the scheduled teams (i.e. Team 1 would be the first team slot in the standings). registration process:
a) For all major team sports and some minor team sports, captains will come to the rec center and register in person. You will come to the registration table and complete a registration form. (A registration form must be completed with Team Name, Captain, Co-Captain, emails for both, phone numbers for both, and three choices for playing time. You must provide the name of a captain with a phone number and VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.)
b) You will then go the CRec Administration Office and pay your $30 registration fee.
c) You will then come back to the registration table and you will now be able to create a profile on IMLeagues, if you have not done so, and then create your team. Our staff will be there to help you through the process.
d) You will select your league, division based on nights and times offered.
e) You will receive instructions to give to your team so they can register and be added to your roster. You as the captain now have the ability to maintain your roster anytime.

Registration fee: We will no longer have a forfeit bond for major team sports. All teams will now pay a registration fee due prior to registering a team.
a) Major Team Sports - $30/team
b) Minor Team Sports and Tournaments - varies
c) Individual/Dual Tournaments and Leagues - free (EXCEPTION: Golf Scramble)

Intramural Sports League Pass: The IMS League Pass is designed for those captains who plan on playing more than one sport; you may purchase an IMS League Pass and receive team registrations at a discounted price. These team registrations may be redeemed for any major team sport. The captain must have their IMS League Pass Card with them at the time of their registration in order to redeem their teams. The pass is good for fall and spring semesters only, and they do not carry over from spring. - 5 IMS Teams = $120 - 10 IMS Teams = $225

Pre-Season Captain's Meeting - This meeting is not mandatory. If your team chooses to attend, you will receive an automatic "A" sportsmanship grade to your overall sportsmanship average. If you choose not to attend, you will receive a "D" sportsmanship grade to your overall sportsmanship grade. It is acceptable for one person to act as a representative for multiple teams. During this meeting, policies and procedures along with rules for the sport will be discussed. These captain's meetings are geared to inform the captains of the teams with as much information as possible while answering any questions they may have.

Playoff Captain's Meetings - All teams will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket upon the conclusion of the season. This playoff meeting is MANDATORY and any team not represented at that meeting will be removed from the playoff bracket. At this meeting, a copy of each team's roster will be presented along with playoff clarifications. If there are any problems with player eligibility, they must be handled at this meeting or the player in question is ILLEGAL AND INELIGIBLE FOR PLAYOFF PARTICIPATION. No exceptions will be made for eligibility questions after this meeting.

Major Team Sport Waiting Lists
Because of our scheduling procedures, teams that fail to register during the registration period may be placed on a waiting list. Teams from the waiting list will have the opportunity to join leagues if teams fail to pay league dues, fail to show up for scheduled games, or be added to leagues that are created after the season starts if applicable. With the new registration structure, there are a limited number of leagues that will be offered, so registering your team early is advised. After the registration process has begun for a sport, adjustments to leagues and league times can be made if possible and at the discretion of the IMS Administration.

The Free Agent Program will help individuals become participants in the Intramural Sports Program by having their information available in the IMS Office during the season. If you have an interest in a particular sport or activity and do not belong to a specific team, come to the Intramural Sports Office while entries are open to sign up for the free agent program. You can also sign up as a free agent on IMLeagues without having to come to the registration table or office. Every effort will be made to make your information available to all captains, but no guarantee is made that you will be picked or placed on a team. If enough free agents sign up, the IMS Office 10 will assist in forming a free agent team for that sport. We highly encourage you to talk to your Community Assistant if you live in a residence hall and ask about creating a res life team.