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2012 "Earth Week" Events

2012 "Earth Week"

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Saturday, April 14

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful's Texas Trash Off

Time: 9:00am
Location: Meet at Brookshire Brothers Parking lot 1030 North University

Monday, April 16

Film: 'The Last Mountain'

Time: 6:30pm
Location: Ferguson Room 142 (SFA Campus)

In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain. It is a battle with severe consequences that affect every American, regardless of their social status, economic background or where they live. It is a battle that has taken many lives and continues to do so the longer it is waged. It is a battle over protecting our health and environment from the destructive power of Big Coal.

Tuesday, April 17

Film: 'Queen of the Sun'

Time: 7:00pm
Location: Liberal Arts North Room 142 (SFA Campus)

A profound, alternative look at the global bee crisis from the award-winning director of THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN. Taking us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive, this alarming and ultimately uplifting film weaves together a dramatic story of the heart-felt struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers around the world. This spellbinding film explores the long-term causes that have led to one of our most urgent global food crises, illuminating the deep link between humans and bees. The story unveils 10,000 years of beekeeping, highlighting how that historic and sacred relationship has been lost. Inspiring and entertaining, QUEEN OF THE SUN uncovers the problems and solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature.

Wednesday, April 18

Film: 'The Pipedreams Project'

Time: 8:00pm
Location: Mast Arboretum

In the fall of 2010, three kayakers paddled the length of B.C.'s pristine coast to connect and engage citizens about the risks posed by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline which is slated to carry tar sands crude to the coast of British Columbia. A 25 minute film with discussion/ update on the Keystone XL following.

Thursday, April 19

Film: 'Designing Livable Communities'

Time: 7:00pm
Location: Ferguson G78 -ground floor, NW corner

Film: 'Green Fire'

Time: 8:00pm
Location: Ferguson Room G78 (ground floor, NW corner) (SFA Campus)

A biography of renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold. ­

Friday, April 20

The Center for a Livable World Kickoff Event.

Guest Speakers in Liberal Arts North Room 142 (SFA Campus):

Saturday, April 21

5th annual Earth Day Celebration

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Pineywoods Native Plant Center on Raguet Street­

Habitat for Humanity Re-Store Event

Monday, April 23 - Wednesday, April 25

SAA Presents "One Earth, One Chance"

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