Stephen F. Austin State University


Campus Rec Sustainability Practices

Campus Recreation is dedicated to being sustainable, as well as promoting sustainability throughout the campus. A few of our sustainable practices at the Student Recreation Center include:

Use of Recycled Materials

• 30% of paper is recycled
• Leftover handbills and flyers are used as notepads
• Digital advertising is utilized
• Towels are washed and reused

Facility Fixtures that Conserve Energy

• Automatic toilets and sinks
• Self-powered equipment
• Energy-saving setting on copier
• Motion sensing lights in all offices and throughout the facility
• Automated washing machines
• Timed tennis court lights
• Opening sliding entry doors only halfway in colder weather

Recycling Practices

• Recycling printer cartridges and copier drums
• Recycling cardboard and paper by placing recycle bins around the office
• Recycling posters and bulletin boards as wrapping paper during Christmastime

Other Practices

• Advocating use of reusable water bottles by installing filling stations
• Turning off TVs and Racquetball Court lights when not in use
• Powering down and unplugging office equipment at night and over the weekend
• Washing a load of laundry only when the washer is full
• Emailing instead of writing notes when possible

Ideas for the Future

• Covering the spa
• Attaching power generators to the machines to generate power to run the facility
• Digital touchsreen kiosks to cut down on paper advertising
• Lining the roof with solar panels

Campus Rec Sustainability
This slideshow was shown at 2012 Campus Sustainability Day and contains info on ways YOU can be sustainable and ways Campus Recreation is being sustainable.