Stephen F. Austin State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities FAQ

What are the holiday hours?
Holiday hours vary from year to year and they are typically set off of the University Calendar. The most up to date holiday hours will be posted on our homepage under our regular hours as we approach the upcoming holiday.
What is the temperature of the Rec Center?
The temperature changes a little depending on the space and what types of activities are typically held in that space. In general, the temperature is kept at 70 degrees in the facility.
What is the dress code for the Rec Center?
In general, athletic clothing is required for the Rec Center. Patrons must wear athletic, closed-toe/closed heel, no-marking rubber soled shoes in all activity areas. You must also have a shirt on at all times inside the facility. The shirt has to cover your full back and chest, but may be sleeveless.
Can I bring my own lock and use it in the Rec Center?
Yes! There are 70 "day use" lockers in each locker room of the Rec Center. These lockers are first come, first serve. To use them, you bring your own lock, lock your items while you workout and take your items and lock with you when you leave for the day.
Where can I sign up for racquetball courts?
You can sign up for racquetball courts at the Welcome Desk (where you swipe your ID) in person or by calling (936) 468-8400. Only same day reservations are accepted, so make sure you call or come by early to get the times you want.
How do I make a request for part of the facility for a special event?
To request a facility space for a special event, please submit a request through our online request form. The online request form can be found under our Facility Reservation Requests page. Please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to your requested event date.
Are there locks available to rent or purchase at the Rec Center?
There are not locks currently available to rent in the Rec Center, however, we do sell locks for $4 at our Welcome Desk.
Can my children come to the Rec Center with me?
Children are allowed to come into the Rec Center. We have family hours which are Friday at 5 p.m. through Sunday at 8 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters, as well as both summer semesters, or any time that classes are not in session (break periods). Children 4 and under can come in for free but will not be able to utilize any activity areas except the outdoor pool. Children 5-15 years old can utilize all activity areas except the weight room or cardio area. Anyone 16 + can utilize all areas of the Rec Center.
When are family hours?
Family hours are Friday at 5 p.m. - Sunday at 8 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Both summer semesters, any break or holiday period is also considered family hours.
What do I do if a personal item is stolen while at the Rec Center?
First, we always recommend that you leave valuables at home, in your car, or somewhere else that is more secure than an open cubby or bench in the Rec Center. If, however, you are the victim of a theft, please let the front desk staff know. They will get information from you to help us investigate who might have taken the stolen item. I would also suggest getting University Police involved by filing an investigation report with them. You can have the Rec Center staff contact UPD to have an officer come over and file a report.
Where can I park at the Rec Center?
To park on campus, you must have a University Parking permit. All parking permits are obtained through the Univeristy Police Department. The website is I recommend you visit their website for more information on parking permits and locations to park on campus.
Can I rent basketballs, towels, or other material from the Rec Center?
The Rec Center has an abundance of equipment that is available for "check out." We say "check out" to signify it as a one day process. This means you check the equipment out and back in on the same day. The following is a list of equipment available for check out: basketball (men/women and indoor/outdoor), volleyballs (indoor/outdoor), racquetball equipment, tennis equipment, footballs, Frisbee golf disc, soccer balls (indoor/outdoor), badminton equipment, weight belts among a few other things. We also have towels on the counter which are free to use while you workout. We just ask that you return them when you are done so we can wash them and have them ready for the next patron.
When can I use the tennis courts?
The tennis courts are available to use from 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. seven days a week (unless another reservation is scheduled). There are 12 courts with lights. Four of these courts have lights you can turn on yourself and the other eight courts have to be turned on by Campus Recreation staff.
How big is the indoor track?
The indoor track is three lanes wide and is seven laps to a mile.
Where can I find more information about the other facilities to me such as the HPE?
The hours of the HPE can be found on our hours page. If the HPE is open for recreation, you can call the equipment cage staff at (936) 468-3739 or Rec Admin office at (936) 468-3507.
Where can I find a list of activities that are taking place at the Rec Center?
Information regarding all of our events and services can be found on our website and online program guide. In the Rec Center there are several large poster boards, informational boards, 1/4 sheet flyers, program area postcards and rolling ads on cardio equipment and TVs. On campus, students can find Campus Rec information in the Student Involvement Center, Res Halls, academic buildings and from our promotion students roaming the campus. We also post 10 day calendars on the door of each activity space. These 10 day calendars are refreshed every Friday and have the upcoming week's activities in that individual activity room listed on it.

Membership FAQ

Do I have to pay for membership or is it covered through my school fees?
As a student, your membership is covered through your school fees. One exception to this is a student who is only taking online classes. If you are only taking online classes, then you do not pay the fees for the use of the Rec Center and would have to purchase a "Student Online" membership for access to workout.
Is the Rec Center closed to the public?
The Rec Center is not open to the general public. You must have an affiliation with SFA to join. In order to be eligible for a membership, you must fit into one of th following categories: Student Online; SFA Faculty/Staff; Alumni Association Member; Angelina College Student; Spouse or Dependent of Student/Faculty/Staff/ Alumni Association Member.
When I am not taking classes, do I have to purchase a membership?
Yes. When you sign up for classes, you pay tuition and fees. In those fees is a fee that pays for you to utilize the Rec Center. If you are not taking classes, then you would have to cover that cost yourself by purchasing a membership. Remember that you still have to fit into a membership category.
How do I purchase a membership?
Visit us at the Rec Center in the Administrative Offices. The Administrative Offices are located in the lobby across from the Welcome Desk. The friendly staff will walk you through the membership application and payment.
Do the faculty, staff or Alumni get a discount?
In fairness with what the students at SFA are paying, we charge all of our other members at least the same as a student. Students pay $120 for their semester which is about four months long. This is how we created the $30 a month figure for faculty and staff. Alumni rates for membership are $55 per month.
Can my spouse get a membership to the Rec Center?
We do offer a spouse membership at the Rec Center. Spouses of students, faculty, staff, or Alumni Association members can join the Rec Center. All it takes is the eligible person to sponsor the spouse for their membership (although we encourage you to join, you do not have to join to sponsor your spouse for a membership).
Can students that take online courses still use the Rec Center?
Yes, but they have to join as a Student Online member. A few years ago, SFA decided to not automatically charge online students the "recreation fee." This helps those students who live far from Nacogdoches by not charging them for something they can't use while at the same time allows those students who live in Nacogdoches the opportunity to join if they wish.
Can Alumni use the Rec Center and HPE?
Alumni can use the Rec Center, however they must be members of the Alumni Association. Any member of the SFA Alumni Association can get into the Rec Center two ways. They can self sponsor for a $10 guest pass. This means they do not need anyone else to sponsor them into the facility for the day. Another way members of the SFA Alumni Association can use the facility is by purchasing an "Alumni" membership. These memberships cost $55 per month. The HPE is an academic building that is used for recreational purposes in the evenings. Alumni would not be able to use the HPE as it is only for SFA students, faculty, and staff.
Can I use the Rec Center if I take Summer Classes?
If you are taking summer classes on campus then you can use the Student Recreation Center. The summer is where we see our Student Online memberships increase because a lot of students will take only online courses.
Do you offer payment plans for memberships?
We do not offer payment plans for memberships, however, you have the flexibilty to join for as many or as few months as you would like. Memberships can be broken down by the month and even by the last half of the month. if you are interested but not sure you will stick with it, join for one month and see how you like it. If you know you want to join in the summer because it gets too hot outside, join for three months. The choice is yours!

Outdoor Pursuits FAQ

What equipment can I rent in the Outdoor Center?
Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, Crazy Creeks, backpacking stove, propane stove, cooking sets, coolers, mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards.
Can a beginner participate on the trips?
By all means, YES! We love to introduce folks to a new activity that may become their next favorite hobby.
Can I bring a guest on a trip?
Yes. Non-member guest are allowed to participate. One member may invite one guest per trip. The cost of the guest will be 15 percent above the member price.
How can I pay for trips or rentals?
We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and debit cards.
What do I bring on an OP trip?
You will need to bring your clothes and personal items. Other than that, all group gear such as tents, sleeping bags, stoves, ect. are provided. We also cover all transportation costs during the trip, all entrance and activity fees, as well as food.
Do I get my money back if I cancel going on a trip?
A full refund (minus a $10 administrative fee) will be given if you cancel one week before the trip goes out. If you do not cancel before this, there is no refund available, unless another participant signs up for the trip in your place. We would then issue you a refund minus the administrative fee. Be advised that the refunds may take up to 15 business days to process.

Intramural Sports FAQ

Who is eligible to play Intramural Sports?
If you are a student enrolled in six or more hours, a full-time faculty/staff member of SFA, or a current Student Recreation Center member then you can play Intramural Sports.
How do I register for IMS events?
For Individual/Dual events, show up 15 minutes early to the event site and register on site. This usually takes about five minutes. All Minor/Major team sports will be run through IM Leagues. Minor/Major team sports will have registration tables set up in the Rec Center during the registration period where staff will take you through the process of setting up an IMLeagues account. You will need to bring your sport fee (cash or check only), your SFA ID, and contact info for a captain and co-captain. No roster is needed at that time.
What if I don't have a team?
If you don't have a team, don't worry. You can always sign up as a free agent through We can't guarantee you will end up on a team, but captains are always looking for more players.
What do I do if the weather looks bad and I have a game?
Call the IMS office at (936)468-1775, (936)468-1709, or the Rec Center at (936)468-8400. You can also sign up for Intramural Sports updates through Jack Text. Register for Jack Text through your MySFA account under the My Services tab.

Fitness and Wellness FAQ

Do I have to pay for group exercise classes?
No. All group exercise classes are free to students and members of the Rec Center. In order to participate in a Group X class, pick up a Jax Pass at the Welcome Desk before each class. Jax Passes are available an hour before the classes begin. For a complete list of Group X classes, you can download an online schedule or pick one up in the Rec Center or Student Involvement Center.
I don't know weight room etiquette, who should I ask?
As you will notice, when you enter the Rec Center, our staff all have purple shirts to easily identify themselves to patrons. There is a name on the back of each shirt per the program area they each supervise. For any Fitness-related questions, please find the staff member in the purple shirt with "Fitness" on the back. These students can help answer any questions you have about the fitness equipment and fitness areas.
How can I buy a friend a massage session?
We have gift certificates available for your friends or loved ones in the Administrative Offices in the Rec Center.
Where do I go to sign up for Personal Training Sessions?
Personal Training sessions, as well as all fitness services are housed in our Wellness Service Center. The Wellness Service Center is located in the Administrative Offices in the Rec Center.

Aquatics FAQ

Do you offer swim lessons?
Yes. We offer two types of swim programs, private and group. Our private swim program offers a one-on-one lesson with individuals of any age. Group swim lessons are held once a semester in a six week series held on Saturdays only. Group lessons can begin at six months of age and extend to 12 years. To sign up for group or private swim, please visit the Administrative Office in the Rec Center.
What do I do if I want to use the outdoor pool for lap swim, but people are playing volleyball?
The outdoor pool has many areas that are used for multiple types of activities. Lap Lane swimmers have priority in the lap lane section of the pool.