Stephen F. Austin State University

Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AEDs)

Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED)

Stephen F. Austin State University currently has more than eighty (80) automatic electronic defibrillators placed across campus. Use of these devices is automated and instructions are provided by the device when it is opened.

Demonstrations on how to use these AEDs can be arranged through the University Police Department at (936) 468-2252 or email at, or the Campus Recreation Department at (936) 468-3507.

AED Locations

Academic Buildings

McGee Business Bldg - Main Lobby on 1st Floor

Cole Concert Hall - Main Lobby

Early Childhood Lab - West Hallway

McKibben Education Bldg - Main Lobby on 1st Floor

Liberal Arts North - Main Hallway on 1st Floor

Library (1st Floor Lobby)

Math - Main Lobby on 1st Floor

Miller Science - Main Lobby on 1st Floor

Turner Auditorium - Main Lobby

Agriculture Bldg - Main Lobby

Arts - Upper Bldg - Main Lobby

Arts - Lower Bldg - Main Lobby

Boynton Bldg - Main Lobby

Chemistry Bldg - Main Lobby

Ferguson Bldg - Main Lobby

Fine Arts Annex - Main Lobby

Forestry Bldg - Main Lobby

Forestry Lab Bldg - Main Lobby

HPE Bldg - Main Lobby on 2nd Floor

Human Sciences North Bldg - Main Lobby

Human Sciences South Bldg - Main Lobby

Human Services Bldg - Main Lobby

Military Science Bldg - Main Lobby

Kennedy Auditorium - Main Lobby

Early Childhood Research Center - Main Hallway

Social Work Bldg - Main Lobby

Music Bldg - Main Lobby

Miller Science Bldg - Main Lobby

Administrative Buildings

Austin Building - Main Lobby on 2nd Floor

Rusk Building - Main Lobby on 2nd Floor

Residence Life Facilities

Griffith Hall - Main Lobby

Hall 10 - Main Lobby

Hall 14 - Main Lobby

Hall 16 - Main Lobby

Kerr Hall - Main Lobby

Lumberjack Lodge - Main Lobby

Mays Hall - Main Lobby

North Hall - Main Lobby

South Hall - Main Lobby

Steen Hall - Main Lobby

Todd Hall - Main Lobby

Lumberjack Village Bldg 1 - Center Building Lobby

Lumberjack Village Bldg 2 - Center Building Lobby

Lumberjack Village Bldg 3 - Center Building Lobby

Lumberjack Landing - Main Lobby

Hall 20 - Main Lobby

Wisely Hall - Main Lobby

University Woods - Laundry Bldg

Athletic Facilities

Field House (West Entrance-Outside)

Press Box (Inside Stairwell)

Wellness Center

William R. Johnson Coliseum (Front Door)

Tennis Complex - Exterior Wall of Tennis Office Bldg

Student Life Facilities

Health Services Building

Student Center 1st Floor (Atrium at Food Court Entrance)

Student Center 2nd Floor (Grand Ballroom Lobby by Stairwell Entrance)

Student Recreation Center Front Desk

Student Recreation Center - 1st Floor by the Gym

Student Recreation Center - 2nd Floor Track by Racquetball Courts

Student Recreation Center - 2nd Floor by Multi-Purpose Studio

Student Recreation Center - Lifeguard Office

HPE Building - Equipment Cage

Housing Operations (Gibbs Hall) - Main Lobby

Alumni Center Bldg - Main Lobby

Grounds and Transporation - Main Lobby

Purchasing Bldg - Main Lobby

Physical Plant Administration Bldg - Main Lobby

Parking and Traffic Office - Main Lobby

E. College Cafeteria - Main Lobby


All University Police Patrol Vehicles

Campus Recreation for use at Intramural Fields