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7 Steps to Job-Search Success

Seek out employers, do not sit back and wait. Chances are they will not come seek you out. Employers want to see initiative from their candidates. So, show some initiative and SEEK!

  1. Use SFA Career Services!
  2. ...And all its resources
  3. Understand what you've got
  4. Don't cut corners
  5. Give employers what they want
  6. Be informed and realistic
  7. Keep an open mind

These steps were borrowed from NACE Job Outlook, visit their link to learn more about each step and get other valuable information about job searching.

For more information about job searching, visit our Job Search page.

5 Steps to Finding an Internship

Finding the internship of your dreams will be a cinch if you follow these six steps to success:

  1. Identify your strengths, interests, motivations, goals, priorities and values
  2. Research industries, occupations and organizations
  3. Create or update career documents
  4. Devise an effective internship search strategy
  5. Execute your internship search
  6. Land that internship!

For in depth information about each of these steps, download the printable document Finding an Internship.

For more information about internships, visit our Lumberjack Internship Program page.