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Career Counseling

Career Counseling

It is never too early (or too late!) to start exploring your career options! A variety of programs are provided to assist in the career choice process, including individual counseling; assessment of interests, values and personality characteristics relevant to career planning; and an extensive collection of self-help resources.

What is Career Counseling?

Career counseling promotes student development through education and counseling to help students make appropriate satisfying career choices. Services are designated to aid students in the process of choosing a major, changing a major, and matching career possibilities to their interests including personality and academic major.

How does the process work?

Session 1: Initial Consultation

Students discuss with the career counselor various experiences in the areas of school, hobbies, any previous employment, etc. to give the counselor a sense of who the student is, as well as what type of information or benefit they expect to gain by participating in the process. The counselor then describes the services available to help students reach their goals. This typically involves the student completing some interest and personality inventories.

Career Services utilizes three career inventories:

Session 2: Assessment Interpretation

After the student has completed the inventories, the counselor will provide a personalized interpretation of the results. This includes discussing what careers match the student's interests and what work environments fit with their personality characteristics. Information on matching careers and academic programs the student may want to consider is provided, along with additional self-help resources, to help them reach their goals.

Session 3: Wrapping Up

After the student has an opportunity to research various career and academic options, they are provided with the opportunity to discuss any questions that have arisen during their search. At times, students may still feel conflicted about which path to follow. This third session is a great opportunity to explore the challenges of making certain choices. It is there to help process the information so the student feels comfortable with the academic and career path they have chosen.

If further sessions are desired, please feel free to schedule appointments beyond Session 3.

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