Stephen F. Austin State University

On Campus Interviews & Informational Sessions

Students and alumni: You have the opportunity to interview with companies that visit the SFA campus to hire YOU! All interviews are held in Career Services, 3rd floor of the Rusk Building.

Upcoming On Campus Interviews

About On Campus Interviews

Types of Interview Schedules

Pre-select interviews

Allow an employer to screen interested applicants that have submitted their resume on Jobs4Jacks in order to select candidates to interview.

Open interviews

Allow students to directly sign up for an interview time on the interview schedule (without first being screened). Read the Student and Alumni Interviewing Policies.

How Do I Sign Up?!

  1. Log on to your Jobs4Jacks account.
  2. Put your cursor over On Campus Interviews and select Interview Schedule
  3. Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position and how to apply
    • Preselect Schedules require you to request to interview by submitting your resume before the Request Period Closed date. Employers select qualified candidates using application, resume and Jobs4Jacks profile.
    • Open Schedules allow you to directly choose an open interview timeslot.
Sign-up for Pre-Select Interviews:
  1. Click Request Interview to select and send your resume to the employer for review
  2. The employer will contact those who have been chosen to interview
  3. If you are selected, logon to Jobs4Jacks to sign up for a timeslot
Sign-up for Open Interviews
  1. Click Sign Up
  2. Select an available time slot and click the blue Sign Up link (the system will automatically fill in your name)

Information Sessions

Join us at an information session, hosted by local and nation-wide employers, that would like to share more about the opportunities available with you! Log onto Jobs4Jacks or check out our calendar of events to see who is coming on campus.

Information Tables

Visit with a representative that is recruiting on campus for available internship, part-time and full-time job opportunities! Log onto Jobs4Jacks or check out our calendar of events to see who is coming on campus.