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The Role of Parents

You play a bigger role than you may think in your child's choice of major, career and future. A parent's role shifts from parent to supporter for their new college student. However, this role is still of major importance. A useful guide for the steps to take each year of your student's career is the 4-Year Career Development Guide. It gives you valuable information to advise your student about when it comes to their career development over the next four years.

What resources are available to my student through the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD)?

Our office has a wide variety of resources and services to assist all students with the career exploration process. Some of our resources include: career counseling, career assessments, career library, workshops, job search strategies, mock interviews, 'Interview Stream', résumé/cover letter critiques, career fairs, employer information sessions, on-campus interviewing and Handshake (our online job database). We encourage students to use all of our resources to become the most marketable and competitive candidates they can be!

When should my student begin using the Center for Career and Professional Development?

Encourage them to visit the CCPD as early as their Freshmen year to get started. Our services are available to your student as soon as they are admitted to the university and extend to them as alumni. We do not recommend for any student to wait until their final year of college to visit CCPD. We want SFA students to get the maximum use of our resources; they are welcome to visit our office at any phase of their college career!

What can I do to help other SFA students?

You play a large role in your student's life, but you can also lend a helping hand to other students in the SFASU community. Consider the following:

Contact us if you are interested in helping our students!

Four- Year Career Development Guide

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