Stephen F. Austin State University

Career Assessments

The images below are linked to helpful information about each of the individual Career Assessments:

TypeFocus. Click here for PDF about this assessment.

TypeFocus assesses personality type and generates customized reports, allowing you to better understand yourself so you can choose more effective career strategies. As you work through the reports, information from one section is automatically incorporated into the next section. TypeFocus takes about half an hour to complete. After completion, five printable reports on personality type and potential careers are generated, as well as how to showcase strengths on the résumé and in interviews.

Strong Interest Inventory. Click here for PDF about this assessment.

Before you can select a career, you'll need to first find the path that's right for you. The SII assessment enables you to identify specific courses, jobs, internships and activities you're likely to enjoy. The SII career assessment includes questionnaires regarding your interests and skills, which take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. The SII assessment requires a 60-minute follow-up session with a Career Coach. In the follow-up session, you will receive a copy of your SII results, go through a comprehensive interpretation of those results, and discuss needs, options, and the next steps in your exciting career planning process!