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Four-Step Guide

Four Step Plan



  • Orient yourself to college life:
    • Academic support & student program building locations
    • Make study commitments
    • Get involved now!
  • Keep your options open while exploring the academic world by taking elective courses & considering internships now.
  • Meet with a Career Coach:
    • Major/Minor
    • Career Goals
    • Exploring/Researching
    • Career Opportunities
  • Get involved!
    • Join a student activity or organization of interest
    • Obtain a part-time job
    • Volunteer for a service project
  • Create a "living" resume or translate your high school resume to a college one
  • Attend Career Fairs to:
    • Create your professional network
    • Learn about occupations and employers in your field of interest


  • Meet with a Career Coach to discuss:
    • Your major and experiential education opportunities
  • Join organizations & talk to faculty related to your field interest/major to enhance your knowledge and skills
  • "Reality-test" your career options:
    • Internships
    • Job Shadow
    • Volunteer
    • Part-time employment
  • Build on your "living resume" and develop relationships with staff & faculty
  • Attend Career Fairs to:
    • Build your network
    • Learn about occupations in your field of interest
    • Find out what skill set employers are seeking
  • Declare a major by the end of the academic year:
    • Meet with your career coach to solidify a major
    • Meet with your academic advisor to make it official


  • Reassess your career goals, consider alternative career plans and monitor your academic progress
  • Take a leadership role in organizations to develop teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Utilize Career Services
    • Résumé Critiques
    • Mock Interviews
    • Information Sessions
    • On-Campus Interviews
    • Networking
  • Research graduate or professional schools
    • Take admission test(s)
    • Consider faculty and administrators as references
    • Note application deadlines
    • Visit Graduate School for tips
  • Continue to update your resume while fine tuning your job search skills
  • Attend Career Fairs to:
    • Expand your professional network
    • Market yourself
    • Narrow down possible prospective companies for employment


  • Shift job search into high gear:
    • Handshake website
    • Professional networking
    • Faculty/Advisors mentors
    • Utilize CCPD Services and check out our
  • Narrow down your choice of graduate or professional schools:
    • Take admission test(s)
    • Request recommendation letters
    • Apply for scholarships
    • Complete applications
  • Attend Career Fairs to:
    • Brand yourself
    • Identify & target employment opportunities
    • Refine your job search skills
  • Polish your professional image
    • Update your résumé and start applying for jobs
    • Purchase professional attire
    • Clean up your social media accounts
  • Harness the power of networking - the key to a successful job search:
    • Information Sessions
    • Professional Organizations
    • Social Media (LinkedIn, FB)
    • Faculty, family, friends
    • Learn more about networking
  • Complete the graduate survey so that we can stay informed on your post-graduation success and offer our services as needed

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