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Your Professional Brand

Your Professional Brand

Your professional image is how you project your qualities and characteristics onto the people in your profession. The assessment of these character qualities is what employers use to determine your competence. These days, you can't just have the credentials, you must have the "know how" to carry yourself as a professional as well. This includes practicing professional etiquette, dress, and networking. You have to be the full package. Having a polished professional image is how you market this package to achieve the career you want!

Employers will take note of:

Your Personal Branding Toolkit

Top 10 Personal Branding tips for students:

  1. Be authentic (what are your strengths, talents, passions, goals, greatest achievements?)
  2. Show your confidence (if you project confidence, others will pay attention and be comfortable around you)
  3. Perfect your elevator pitch (how do you introduce and market yourself to others?)
  4. Updated professional documents (résumé, cover letter, reference page)
  5. Professional online presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Website/Blog, Instagram)
  6. Professional attire (dress for the job you want, not the job you have; when in doubt err on the side of formality)
  7. Business cards with QR code linking to your online presence (VistaPrint is a good resource for free or inexpensive cards)
  8. Perfect your communication skills (even in the days of texting and Twitter, writing and speaking well still matters)
  9. Ask for honest feedback (where are your areas for improvement regarding your current brand)
  10. Reassess your personal brand regularly (the more exposure to new people, places, ideas and things, the more you evolve; your brand should reflect this change)

Try your hand at it! Utilize the Career Now workbook provided by SFA Barnes & Noble College.

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