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Texas Educator Certification (TExES)


You are not allowed to bring cell phones, BlackBerry® devices, PDAs and other electronic or photographic devices into the test center.  If you do, you will be dismissed from the test, your fees will be forfeited and your scores will be canceled.  Test administrators are not allowed to collect and hold cell phones.

2017-2018 TExES / ExCET Paper Based Testing Dates:

Test takers can register for TExES and ExCET paper-based tests online at or by telephone at 800-205-2626.  

Refer to the 2013-2014TeXES/ExCET Registration Bulletin for information about computer administered testing dates and registration deadlines.   Test takers can register for computer-administered tests online at or by telephone at 800-205-2626.

If you have questions about which test(s) you need to take or about certification requirements, contact your advisor, or the director or certification officer at your program.

What to bring to the Test Center:

Identification Requirements:

You must have acceptable and valid ID with your name, signature, and photograph to be admitted to the test center.  ID requirements are strictly enforced.  It is your responsibility to read and understand the ID requirements. 

The photograph on your ID document must be recent and recognizable.

The ID must be current (not expired).  There is one exception to this requirement.  If your Texas driver’s license has expired but you have your Texas Department of Public Safety renewal certificate, these two together are acceptable as long as the name on the driver’s license and the name on the renewal certificate are the same.

All identification documents must be originals; copies are not acceptable.

If you arrive at the test center without the required ID, you will not be permitted to test and you will forfeit your test fees.

Prior to scheduling your test, make sure that the information in your SBEC Educator Profile is accurate and will match your primary current identification document and the test roster.  When scheduling your test, you must use the EXACT name and spelling of that name as shown on the primary ID document that you will present at the test center.  If the name shown on your primary ID does not match the name on your registration record, you will not be permitted to test and a refund will not be issued.  

Be sure to provide your entire first name (given name) and your entire last name (family name).  Do not register under a nickname.  If your ID document contains two last names, enter the names exactly as they appear on your ID.  If you register by phone, please make sure you are registered under your complete name as it appears on your ID. 

Testing in your country of citizenship:
Only one form of current (not-expired) primary ID is needed if your primary ID document contains your name, photograph, and a signature.  ACCEPTABLE primary ID documents are:

Testing outside your country of citizenship:

The following documents are also acceptable for admission.  However, these documents must be
 accompanied by a supplemental ID that contains your photograph:

Supplemental ID

If your primary ID is missing your name, photo, or signature, you must present one of the following supplemental IDs in addition to your primary ID.  The supplemental ID must contain your name, a recent recognizable photo and your signature, and it cannot be expired.
Acceptable Supplemental Identification Documents include, passport, driver’s license, state ID card,
national ID, military ID, and student ID. 

Unacceptable Identification Documents:


IF YOU CANNOT MEET THE SPECIFIED ID REQUIREMENTS, OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTION ABOUT ID, you must contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (1-609-406-5430, fax: (1-609-406-9709, or email: before you register to test.

Important Additional Information:

Test takers with disabilities:

If you are requesting nonstandard testing accommodations, you must register by mail through ETS Disability Services and have your accommodations approved prior to testing. 

The 2013-2014 Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities for TExES® ExCET, TOPT™, TExMat™, TASC™and TASC-ASL™ contains contact information, registration procedures, and forms.  The Supplement should be used in conjunction with the information in the 2011-12 Texas Education Certification Registration Bulletin.  The Supplement, the Registration Bulletin and registration materials can be downloaded free of charge from the “Alternative Testing Arrangements” section of the ETS TExES website at

Disability Services
U.S. Mail:         ETS Disability Services
                        P.O. Box 6054
                        Princeton, NJ 08541-6054

Phone:            866-387-8603
                       TTY:  609-771-7714
FAX:                609-771-7165


Web:      (see “Alternative Testing Arrangements’)


Find more information about the TExES test by visiting the College of Education at the following address:

For the most up-to-date information, visit the ETS TExES website at

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