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Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

A solid understanding of economic concepts will empower students to become competent decision makers, productive employees, creative entrepreneurs, knowledgeable consumers and responsible citizens.

Become a Partner

Are you an entrepreneur, inventor, or owner of a unique business who would be willing to share your success story with classroom teachers or conduct a tour of your facilities? You are invited to share your time and expertise with teachers.

Become a Friend

In addition to educators, community supporters, parents and grandparents are important people in the lives of students who can help promote economic understanding which will empower them to become thriving and productive global citizens.

Become an Advocate

Parents, teachers, coordinators, administrators, counselors, business owners, community organizations, service clubs.....are needed to equip teachers and help prepare students to participate in a global society.

Become a Presenter

Energetic and committed teachers are needed to share their expertise and classroom ideas in professional development workshops. Share ideas and teaching strategies.

Begin an Entrepreneurial Club or Business Day

Consider implementing an entrepreneurial club or business day within a classroom, or youth group within your community. Share ideas and success stories at the next teacher professional development workshop.

'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.' Helen Keller

Contact us if you would like to become involved.