Stephen F. Austin State University

Committees & Upcoming Events


Meet the Teacher, 08.14.17
Organize an edible treat while focusing on family interaction on the eve of the back-to-school event
Chair, Clint Johnson

Tears 'N Cheers, 08.15.17
Organize an edible treat for students and family members for the morning of the first day of school
Chair, Chrissy Canty

T-Shirt Orders

Collect student t-shirt sizes, place order, and pass out to homerooms.
Chair, Maria Sutterfield

Fundraising, Walk-a-Thon, 11.3.17
Primary event to raise funds. Have hosted a Walk-A-Thon for the past few years; duties are split among 2 - 3 Chairs
Co-Chairs: Dana Cooper & Liz Puffer

Fall Festival, 10.27.17
Plan/organize activities and/or work events on day of festival
Chair, Lori Harkness

Homecoming Parade Float, 10.21.17
Complete entrance paperwork, coordinate permissions, borrow trailers and trucks, and decorate floats
Chair, Shelley Cook

Family Fun Event, TBA
Plan/organize an activity for the whole family, with all Charter families welcome.
Chairs, Needed

Father-Daughter Dance, 2.10.18
Plan and organize dance; date is set by committee
Chair, Jamie Cupit

Mother-Son Event, TBA
Plan an interactive event; date is set by committee
Chair, Natalie Cardenas

Scholastic Bookfair, 4.30.17-5.3.17
Additional fund raising event to run the week-long book selling event
Co-Chairs, Angie McKinney & Katherine Daniel

End-of-the-Year Celebration, 5.25.18
Plan and organize school wide party during last week of school (we have hosted swim parties at the SFA Recreation Center for the past few years
Chair, Brandi Brown

Review of governing Bylaws

Coordinate membership form collection, payments, and directory. Solicit and make recommendations for board candidates
Chairs: Beth Ainsworth and Kendra Stockman

Pay it Forward
Coordinate charitable activities, involving students whenever possible
Chair: Rebecca Higgins

Teacher Appreciation
Year-long committee that will plan events to show our teachers and staff how much we love them
Chair: Aimee Bird

Take pictures and collect photos throughout the year and publish the yearbook in the summer, coordinate orders and distribution with the help of the PTO Treasurer
Chair, Kim Lambert