Stephen F. Austin State University


What to Do if You Need Help in Chemistry:

1. Utilize your professor's office hours

To make your visit to your professor's office most effective, prepare before you go. Try to work homework problems, mark specific problems that you are stuck on, mark specific places in your notes or other material that you have questions about. It takes more time for the professor to find out where your difficulty is if you walk in to your professor's office and say, "I don't understand anything!" Believe it or not, most professors really do want to see students in their class succeed and are willing to help.

2. Develop friendships in your class and find a study buddy

One way to help clarify small difficulties you are having is to go over notes, homework, or other class material with someone else in the class. Maybe they caught on to something you are having problems with and visa versa. If you do get together with someone in your class, don't just chat; really go over the material from class. Also, if you're nervous about going to a professor's office alone, go with your study buddy. It might help you both to hear the explanation.

3. Go to the AARC in the library for SI groups and tutoring

The Academic Assistance Resource Center (AARC) offers lots of extra help opportunities from supplemental instruction groups to tutoring. The AARC is on the first floor of the library.

4. The Library

The library has resources organized into categories, including chemistry.