Stephen F. Austin State University

Research Opportunities

Robert A. Welch Foundation

The Robert A. Welch Foundation provides a grant to the SFA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for the primary purpose of undergraduate research. Students recieve scholarship funds for undergraduate research. Dr. Onchoke has the application forms for this scholarship. Dr. Onchoke has the list of current students who have been awarded a Robert A. Welch scholarhip for research.

Research Enrichment for Undergraduates (REU)

REU is a program funded by the National Science Foundation to provide undergraduate chemistry majors research opportunities at major research institutions. Several of our majors have participated in REU and had very positive experiences. Please ask a faculty member, and they can give you the names of students have participated in REU.

Summer Research Experience

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is the only department at SFA that requires research as a part of the curriculum for its bachelor's degrees. Most students begin research in the sophomore year, participate in research for several semesters, and present their work as their capstone experience in the annual Research Symposium hosted by the department.

The department is a recipient of a grant from the Robert A. Welch Foundation which is utilized to support undergraduate research. The department utilizes the Welch grant to fund a Summer Research Experience (SRE) which provides select students with the opportunity for focus exclusively on research during the summer. Students work with a faculty mentor for 30 hours per week, participate in group meetings to discuss research, and give a formal presentation to the department at the end of the SRE.

In the summer of 2016, three students participated in the SRE and indicated the experience was a transformational for building real world scientific skills. For the summer of 2017, six students have been selected to participate in the growing program.