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General Business


The general business major is ideally suited for students who know exactly what career paths they plan to pursue after graduation and who wish to select courses that directly apply to that specific career. This major also allows students to obtain a broad-based B.B.A. degree without emphasizing any one of the functional areas of business.

The online B.B.A. in General Business allows students who have completed certain required courses and/or equivalents to finish the last two years or more of a degree program through web-based classes. The general business major includes courses selected from various academic disciplines within the College of Business. The program is designed for students who are limited by time and distance in their options for completing the B.B.A. degree. The B.B.A. degree at SFA is fully accredited by AACSB International, the premier accreditation agency for programs in business.


In addition to the foundation courses that are required for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, the major in general business consists of BCM 247, BLW 335, GBU 325 (all included in the Business Foundation) and GBU 461 plus the following:

  1. Three hours selected from GBU 321, MGT 472, or MKT 425
  2. Six hours representing two of the following areas:
    • Law: BLW 366, 437, 456, 468 or 478
    • Communication: BCM 347, 447 or 450
    • Technology: GBU 310, 440, 461 or CSC 340
  3. 12 advanced hours from the following College of Business course prefixes: ACC, BCM, BLW, ECO, FIN, GBU, MGT, MKT. Maximum of nine hours from any one prefix.

Students interested in a corporate communication emphasis should choose the following courses in their general business major: BCM 347, 447 and 450; GBU 321; MGT 373; three hours from GBU 310, 440, 461 or CSC 340; and three hours from BLW 456 or GBU 345 or 485.

Students interested in a legal studies emphasis should choose the following courses in their general business major: nine hours from BLW 366, 437, 456, 468, 478 or GBU400; six hours from ECO 331, FIN 357 or 361, GBU 321, or MGT 373; three hours from ACC 343, ECO 345, GBU 485, MGT 379 or MKT 425 or 357; and three hours from BCM 450 or GBU 440.


To further meet the specialized needs of students, the department offers minors in administrative law, business communication, general business and general business technology applications. At least nine hours of any minor (six of which must be advanced) must be completed at SFA.

A minor in administrative law consists of BLW 335, 437 and PBA 300; six semester hours selected from BLW 456, 468 and 478; and three semester hours selected from PSC 301, 302, 403, 447, 448 or CJS 305. Total 18 hours with at least a 2.0 GPA.

A minor in business communication consists of BCM 247, 347, 447, 450 and six semester hours selected from the following courses: COM 170, 380; MKT 352, 353; and ENG 273, 473. Total 18 hours with at least a 2.0 GPA.

A minor in general business consists of ACC 101 or 231; GBU 147 or FIN 369; BCM 247 or BLW 330; ECO 231; and nine advanced hours from the College of Business with no more than six advanced hours from any one of the following areas: accounting, business communication, business law, computer science, economics, finance, general business, management and marketing. No more than three hours from BLW 330 and BLW 335 will apply to the general business minor. Total 21 hours with at least a 2.0 GPA. Students earning the B.B.A. degree are not eligible to earn the general business minor.

A minor in general business technology applications consists of BCM 347; GBU 310, 321, 440, 461; and six hours from CSC 102, 202, 211, 340, 350. Total 21 hours with at least a 2.0 GPA.


The courses required for the Petroleum Land Management Certificate are ACC 101 or 231, BLW 366 and 468, and GBU 400 and 485. General business majors who wish to earn the PLM Certificate may select the required courses as part of their major and complete the certificate without taking any additional coursework. GOL 131 and 132 are suggested as the required science courses and suggested electives include GOL 350, FOR 223 and GIS 224. Students pursuing the general business minor can concurrently earn the PLM Certificate by taking one additional course: suggested electives include those previously mentioned as well as FIN 333 and GBU 440. Astudent who has previously earned a bachelor's degree in any field may take the required courses and earn the PLM certificate.


Students who obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and also complete the courses that are necessary to teach business education in the secondary schools of Texas have a certain amount of flexibility in job choice. The business teaching certification requires the B.B.A. foundation courses and a general business major incorporating the following courses: GBU 310, 321, 440; BCM 447; and BLW 437.

The technology applications certification requirements can also be met through the general business major. The requirement for this certification includes the B.B.A. foundation courses plus the following courses: BCM 347; CSC 340; and GBU 310, 321, 440, 461, 475.

These programs also require that students complete the professional development courses that are specified by the College of Education for teaching certification. (See the College of Education section of the General Bulletin).

Bachelor of Business Administration

General Business BBA Online Suggested Course Outline


Unless otherwise indicated, courses are three semester hours credit. Enrollment in courses numbered 300 or higher requires junior standing.


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