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Bachelor of Arts

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The Department of Economics and Finance provides modern training in economic and financial theory and practice to prepare students for a successful career in business, industry or government.

Graduates with a degree in business economics or finance are prepared for a wide variety of challenging and rewarding positions in such fields as banking, investments, corporate financial management, insurance, real estate, financial planning, economic research and market analysis. Adegree in economics also provides a very solid foundation for further graduate study, especially in law or public affairs.


Bachelor of Arts: Economics Major

1. University Core Curriculum

2. Major Requirements

A. CSC 121, ECO 231 and MTH 220 (If not already completed in the University Core Curriculum)

B. Proficiency in a modern language through the equivalent of SFA's 232 courses or four semesters of the same


C. ECO 232, 331, 339, 351, and 353

D. Twelve hours of advanced ECO electives (courses numbered 300-499).

3. Additional Requirements:

Fulfill one of the following

A. An Academic minor of at least 18 semester hours, but not more than 23 semester hours, with at least nine

hours advanced and at least six hours advanced at SFA.

B. A second major of at least 24 semester hours with at least 12 advanced hours at SFA.

*No more than 30 semester hours of coursework from the following areas: ACC, FIN, GBU, MKT, MGT, BLW, BCM

*Need at least a 2.0 GPA in major courses, in second major or minor courses, and overall at SFA.

Bachelor of Arts

Economics BA Suggested Course Outline


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