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Information for Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) and the Accounting Club can be found on the Organizations and Honor Societies page.


Local, regional, national and governmental paid internships are available at both undergraduate and graduate level students. A student may earn up to 3 hours of credit. Obtaining an internship is the responsibility of the student. However, there are many opportunities for on-campus interviews through Jobs4Jacks and the Accounting Career Fair. More information is available from the School of Accountancy Internship Coordinator, Dr. Jack Ethridge,, (936) 468-1820.

FAQ about Accounting Internship Jobs for Course Credit

Grant Credit? Yes
How Much?


100 hrs = 1 hr

200 hrs = 2 hrs

300 hrs = 3 hrs


ACC 485

*ACC 585



2.5 Overall

2.75 Major



C or better - ACC 231, 232, 331, 332

80 hrs. credit

*12 hrs ACC (300 level)

Companies required to pay? Yes
Students find their own job? Yes
Semesters Offered All (mostly Spring)

Pre-approval of job by department

internship coordinator?

Mandatory Orientation Fall (for Spring internship)
Department Internship Application Yes
Final Evaluation from Company or Grade? Yes
Other Requirements from Student Diary/Written Reports


The Gerald W. Schlief School of Accountancy offers numerous opportunities for scholarships and awards. At the 2015 Accounting Awards Banquet, students were awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships and awards. The school also awards both a freshman and a transfer scholarship each year. In addition, outstanding students in ACC 231, 232 and 331 are recognized at the accounting banquet held each spring. After completion of ACC 331, students are eligible to apply for Gerald W. Schlief School of Accountancy scholarships at the beginning of the spring semester.