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Everyone wins with student internships. That's what we've found out in the Department of Business Communication and Legal Studies and what more business schools are discovering. Students gain real-world work experience that strengthens their career preparation, businesses and nonprofits enjoy the opportunity to "try out" prospective employees with fresh ideas, and university programs benefit from the linkage of theory and practice.

While internships are not a new concept, in today's competitive job market it is important for students to gain every possible advantage in their job search. Though an internship does not guarantee a student a job after graduation, it provides the opportunity to gain work experience in the chosen career field. The student also establishes professional contacts, mentors, and references, all of which make landing a first job much easier. Each general business student at SFA has the opportunity to complete an internship that earns him or her credit toward their degree. Internships can be completed with organizations in the local community, in locations throughout the state or country or even internationally

We are excited about the growing interest in internships and welcome the opportunity to assist students and business organizations in making these essential connections.

Interested students can view internship listings available in the department lobby and apply for the job that best fits their strengths, desired location, and time preferences. Students may also be approved for internships with employers with whom they make personal contact, subject to approval of the internship coordinator. Internships are available to juniors and seniors majoring in General Business, and the experience can be taken for course credit toward the major. Freshman and sophomore students are encouraged to begin their internship search early.

For more information about internships, Contact Mr. Henry Dunn (936)468-3103 or by email at


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