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Why Management, Marketing, or International Business?

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Today's buzzword in business is "global." SFA prepares management, marketing and international business students for fun and rewarding careers in locations ranging from Texas to Hong Kong. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredits the Nelson Rusche College of Business, so you can be assured our programs are of the highest quality and meet exacting standards.

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Three degrees are offered:

Utilize Facilities

As a business student, you'll spend most of your class time in the four-story, 89,000-square-foot R.E. McGee Building. You won't have to leave the building to access the latest technology. An on-site modern computing laboratory aids you by providing the latest software and access to the Internet and e-mail. Most classrooms are equipped for multimedia presentations, allowing you to simulate real-life business scenarios.

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Why Study Management?

Do you want to be one of those people whose role is to direct, lead, plan, manage, encourage, cajole, coach and organize all the activity that takes place in organizations everywhere? Maybe you want to be your own boss - self-employed, an entrepreneur, or the head of your own company. These are the people who most need good models of how people behave in organizations, of the sources of power and influence, of the nature of leadership. If you are drawn to these roles, you are in the right place.

Why Study Marketing?

Marketing skills are used to promote corporate, political, cultural, church, civic, and charitable activities. Whether a person earns a living through marketing activities or performs them without compensation in non-business settings, marketing knowledge and skills are valuable assets. The marketing field offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities, such as personal selling, advertising, packaging, transport, storage, marketing research, product development, wholesaling, and retailing.

Why Study International Business?

Maybe you desire a career that will take you to some faraway place: London, Paris, Tokyo, Cairo, or Timbuktu. If you want to understand more about how to be effective in international as well as national contexts, and about the global business system and the giant global corporations that run it, our courses in International Business curriculum will help get you started.