Stephen F. Austin State University

Focused Investment Naming

The Nelson Rusche College of Business at Stephen F. Austin State University has a history of academic excellence. To maintain that excellence in today's dynamic global environment, the college has various needs that cannot be met with university funding sources alone. Naming opportunities enable us to address needs focused exclusively on continuing to improve the quality of the college. Our belief is that quality improvement is best achieved by investing in the learning environment and the people - students, faculty and staff members.

Facility enhancements

Since the R.E. McGee building was completed in 1975, the world has witnessed many changes; especially with the prevalence of computers, the Internet and other technological advances. These tools have made it possible for businesses to operate on a global scale and more collaboratively. Unfortunately, new technology and construction costs are expensive. In order to better serve our business students, we need your help in bringing our classrooms up-to-speed and adding workspaces that are value-enhanced. Naming opportunities include:

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

Fourth floor

Academic enhancements

The Nelson Rusche College of Business and the Gerald W. Schlief School of Accountancy have been endowed by generous donors. These funds are used to enhance and advance the programs of the units. Named endowments in support of other academic units are needed for the college to continue to prosper.

Teaching enhancements: faculty and staff development

Knowledge in the various disciplines continues to expand each year. To achieve excellence, faculty members must continue to stay abreast of new information, largely through their teaching, research and service.

Teaching enhancements: chairs and professorships

The Nelson Rusche College of Business has an outstanding and devoted faculty. However, the faculty is aging, which means the college faces "mass" retirements over the next five to eight years. Due to salary compression and inversion, the market salaries of new Ph.D.s are much more than the salaries of retiring faculty members. Consequently, we need faculty chairs and professorships to reward (and keep) good faculty members and to hire new, quality faculty members.

A named chair/professorship provides an exceptional faculty member with an additional salary and/or professional development support stipend.






Student enhancements: competitions and activities

The college would like to increase support for student teams and organizations that compete against other universities and contribute funds to students' professional activities and travel.


Student enhancements: educational stipends

The college would like to continue to support students who are optimizing their learning experiences by participating in internships (many are unpaid) and study abroad/exchange programs.