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Dean's Welcome

Dr. Timothy Bisping

Welcome to the Nelson Rusche College of Business!

In the Nelson Rusche College of Business, student success is central to our mission. Here you will find exceptional programs in fields with great career opportunities, and you will find faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping students succeed. While studying in the Rusche College of Business you will not only learn from exceptional faculty, you will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned through various experiential learning opportunities that involve real-world projects.

Providing an excellent learning experience that will benefit students throughout their lives is our focus. We take both academic excellence and career preparation seriously. In the Rusche College of Business there are numerous opportunities available outside of the classroom which are designed to help students launch their careers by engaging with business and industry, all while competing for scholarships!

More information about our programs can be found at:

Thank you for taking time to explore the Rusche College of Business. If you are interested in learning about business, launching your career, and being a leader in your field, you will find the Rusche College of Business to be an excellent fit. If I can be of assistance as you explore your options, please do contact me at


Tim Bisping, Dean
Nelson Rusche College of Business

Learn, Launch, Lead!