Stephen F. Austin State University

Core Curriculum and Foundation Requirements

University Core Curriculum

All students at Stephen F. Austin State University are required to complete the University Core Curriculum in accordance with the state of Texas. The Nelson Rusche College of Business mandates specific courses within the University Core Curriculum for business students. This means courses that satisfy University Core Curriculum in other majors and degree programs may not satisfy the same core requirements in the College of Business. Please see specific University Core Requirements below for business students.

**Please note students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program(s) require different core courses than the Bachelor of Arts Degree program.



A. Communication (6 Hours)

1. Three hours from English rhetoric/composition:

ENG 131 or 133H

2. Three hours from oral communication:

COM 111

*For the Bachelor of Arts Degree COM 111 or COM 170 may satisfy this requirement

B. Mathematics (3 Hours)

Three hours from:

MTH 143

C. Life and Physical Science (6 Hours)**

Six hours from:

AST 105; BIO 121, 123, 131, 133, 225, 238; CHE 101, 111, 133, 134; ENV 110; GOL 101, 131, 132; PHY 101,

102, 110, 131, 132, 241, 242

D. Language, Philosophy, & Culture (3 Hours)

Three hours from:

ENG 200, 209, 211, 212, 221, 222, 229, 230, 233H; HIS 151, 152; PHI 153, 223

E. Creative Arts (3 Hours)

Three hours from:

ART 280, 281, 282; DAN 140; MHL 245; MUS 140; THR 161, 163

F. American History (3 Hours)

Six hours from:

HIS 133, 134

G. Government/Political Science (6 Hours)

Six hours from:

PSC 141, 142

H. Social and Behavioral Science (3 Hours)

Three hours from:

ECO 231

I. Component Area Option

Three hours from:

ENG 132

Three hours from:

BCM 247

*For the Bachelor of Arts Degree ENG 273, FRE 131, 132; GER 131, 132; POR 131, 132, SPA 131, 132, SPH 172,

272 may satisfy this requirement.

**Lab credit beyond 6 required hours is counted in the major.

Bachelor of Business Administration Foundation Requirements

All students earning a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree are required to complete the Business Foundation Requirements. These courses ensure that students graduate with a broad education across multiple business disciplines. Foundation requirements are the same for every student earning a BBA degree, despite his or her major. Some foundation requirements may be taken in the core and some courses may count in the major. Students earning a BBA are required to earn a 2.0 GPA in their Business Foundation courses to graduate.

*Students earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in economics are not required to complete the Business Foundation courses.


ACC 231: Principles of Financial Accounting

ACC 232: Principles of Management Accounting

BCM 247*: Business Communication

BLW 335: Business Law

CSC 121: Intro to Information Processing Systems

ECO 231*: Macroeconomics

ECO 232: Microeconomics

ECO 339: Applied Statistical Analysis (MTH 220 prerequisite)

FIN 333: Introduction to Financial Management (ACC 231 prerequisite)

GBU 325: Business, Ethics, and Society

MGT 370: Management Principles

MGT 371: Operations Management (MTH 220 prerequisite)

MGT 463: Business Policy and Strategy (Prerequisite: Completion of all 300-level foundation courses)

MKT 351: Principles of Marketing

*Taken in the University Core Curriculum