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Master of Professional Accountancy

For more information on the Master of Professional Accountancy degree, please contact Dr. Jack Ethridge in the Gerald Schlief School of Accountancy at 936.468.1820.

The MPA Degree

The Master of Professional Accountancy program at Stephen F. Austin State University provides advanced training in the theory and practice of accounting. students are exposed to the fundamentals of financial, audit, internation, and research. Specialized knowledge is availalble from elective courses such as nonprofit, managerial, and tax. Applicants who hold a baccalaureate degree and meet admission standards are accepted withour regard to undergraduate major.

Why an MPA?

In many businesses, the MPA is a prerequisite for advancement to higher levels of responsibility. The degree is valued by employers, and average starting salaries are significantly higher for those who hold the degree than for those who do not. The MPA is particularly relevant for persons who desire to pursue a career in professional accounting. The MPA will allow you to meet the educational requirements for the CPA exam in the State of Texas. Students with non-accounting undergraduate business majors can benefit from the MPA by raising their knowledge and skills to a higher level.

Career paths for MPA graduates are numerous and include auditor, internal auditor, controller, cost accountant, chief financial officer, managerial accountant, bank examiner, budgetary control analyst, management consultant, tax specialist, and many more. Our graduates work in public accounting, industry, government, education, health care administration, and nonprofit agencies. These opportunities are available at the local, regional, national, and international level.

Public Accountancy Act of 1999

The 1999 Public Accountancy Act requires 150 hours (5 years) of total education to sit for the CPA exam.

SFASU has created a 5-year integrated degree program to address this statute. This degree takes 156 hours and results in your receiving a BBA degree and a Master of Professional Accountancy degree at the same time upon completion of the program. If you plan to be a CPA, you should be in the 5-year program.

For additional information contact:

Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
333 Guadalupe, Tower III
Suite 900
Austin, Texas 78701-3900
(512) 305-7800

General Degree Information

SFASU's five year integrated program leads to a Master of Professional Accountancy degree for those who wish to pursue a career as a CPA. This program is one of several fully integrated five year programs in the state of Texas. It contains 156 hours of course credit and is designed to meet the changing needs of the profession as required by the 1999 Public Accountancy Act. It complies with all the educational requirements for those who wish to take the CPA exam.

The BBA/MPA program includes five years of study resulting in the simultaneous awarding of the BBA and MPA degrees. The program includes the following:

for a total of 156 hours of coursework.

Additional degree requirements:


Prior to enrolling in any 500-level course, a student must have been admitted to the graduate school.

To receive clear admission to graduate school a student must meet one of the two requirements:

1- 3.5 or higher overall undergraduate GPA (including all transfer work) with no GMAT score required.


2- Overall undergraduate GPA x 200 +GMAT score = 950 or higher.

*NOTE: Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher is required.

Students are advised to take the GMAT no later than early in their first semester senior year.