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The Mast Student Investment Roundtable was established to provide finance students with hands-on experience in managing an equity portfolio. One of only a few such programs in the country available to undergraduates, the program affords SFA business majors the opportunity to obtain real world experience in the field of investments by managing over $400,000 of real money provided by the SFA Alumni Association and the SFA Foundation. Student Investment Roundtable members analyze and select stocks, make investment decisions, manage the portfolio and present their results according to industry standards.

The Mast Investment Roundtable is led by Director Dr. Todd Brown and is composed of undergraduate and MBA graduate students. The students are selected through a written application process which is open only to upperclassmen that have completed an investments course to help ensure an understanding of financial concepts and modern portfolio theory.

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Portfolio winner and SFA student investor Ryan Swor, discusses his trading philosophy and why he likes Gilead on CNBC

The group, comprising 15 SFA students who have demonstrated exemplary performance in specific investment courses, won first place in the competition's growth category at the ENGAGE International Investment Education Symposium held in March.

Students representing the Mast Student Investment Roundtable included Neel Warren, a senior finance major from Palestine; Steven Hawkins, a senior economics and finance major from Longview; Blake Moore, a senior finance major from Lufkin; and Ryan Swor, a senior finance major from Carrollton, who later discussed the team's win on CNBC.

During the nationally televised interview with a panel of financial experts, Swor provided details about the stocks the team selected. "Gilead is a strong biotechnology company," Swor said. "It recently developed a breakthrough hepatitis C treatment drug. We also like Home Depot. More and more people today are opting to make improvements to their homes rather than purchase or build new ones, so that stock is performing well."

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Dr. Todd Brown

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