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Preparation Manuals & Study Guides:

Preparation manuals and study guides for TExES, ExCET, TOPT, and TASC tests are available online and for sale at

The TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 (160) Interactive Practice Test is currently available as a free download at

A study guide for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences certification exam is available at

A website for students taking EC-12 PPR or pursuing science and math certification:

Other Web Resources:

Educator Standards and Test Framework

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Some students have found it helpful to take the online practice TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) tests on the TEA website.

Some students have found it helpful to take the on the TEA website.Some students have found it helpful to take the on the TEA website.

These practice tests, designed to help prepare public school students for the TAKS tests, track the TEKS, which are the basis for the TExES certification tests. Below are test suggestions for specific areas.

EC-6 Generalist:
4-8 Generalist:
4-8 Content Area:
8-12 Content Area:

Other Resources

[NOTICE: Listing of these materials and programs does not imply any endorsement by the SFASU James I. Perkins College of Education. SFASU makes no guarantees, stated or implied, about the quality of the help you will get nor the effects on your scores. No SFASU student is required to use any of these materials or programs. The list is provided as a service to students who might want additional help.]

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The following items are available at most university bookstores, as well as some commercial bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Waldenbooks, etc.. Most are also available online from vendors such as

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