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Student Teaching Applications for Spring 2014

The application deadline for Spring 2014 was September 15, 2013.

A mandatory Orientation for Spring Student Teaching will be held on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. Details will be sent with your finalized placements.

Spring Student Teaching runs from January 13, 2014 to May 1, 2014.

There will be a Job Fair held on May 2, 2014 on campus at SFA. Student Teachers will need to attend this!

Important Information Regarding Handbook Content

The information in the handbooks is accurate at the time of printing; however, policies are subject to change based on state guidelines. Check with your academic advisor before making a major decision based on the contents of this handbook. This handbook is meant to offer advice; final decisions about your program of study are yours. Staff in The Office of Educator Certification are here to guide you through the program to complete your teacher certification.

Instructions for Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions about Student Teaching

What does Student Teaching involve?
During your Student Teaching semester you will report to your assigned public school with your assigned Cooperating teacher as if you were the teacher of that classroom. Student teaching courses do not meet on the SFA campus.
What is the time commitment with Student Teaching?
Although Student Teaching is 7 - 9 credit hours, you should consider yourself a full-time student because you are expected to be on your assigned campus all day five days a week. While on a campus in a school district you are required to keep the contract hours for all employed teachers on that campus. You may need to stay after school to prepare lessons you will be teaching, attend meetings or attend school sponsored functions.
Can I take other classes while Student Teaching?
We do not recommend that you take additional courses. If you must take an additional course during Student Teaching, you must appeal and receive approval using the appropriate appeal form found on the Student Teaching Website.
Will I qualify for financial aid with only 7-9 credit hours of Student Teaching?
We understand financial aid may not be available to you if you do not take additional hours. Please check with your financial aid advisor concerning your specific situation. If you must take additional coursework, make sure that you appeal and receive approval using the appropriate appeal form found on the Student Teaching Website.
Can I have courses remaining on my degree plan to finish after Student Teaching?
Student teaching should be your final semester. Advisor approval would be needed if this is not the case. This situation could possibly require additional approval from the Associate Dean - Student Affairs.
When does the Student Teacher's day begin and end?
As a Student Teacher, you should report to your campus when your classroom teacher is required to report to their campus and you may not leave until your classroom teacher's teaching day is complete. It is suggested that Student Teachers mirror their classroom teacher's arrival and departure time.
Whose Holiday schedule do I follow? The University of the School District?
Student teachers follow the Holiday schedule that the School District follows. The beginning and ending day of Student Teaching is set forth by the University.
Am I required to attend Staff Development Days?
Yes, you are required to attend all school district staff development days.
What is the absence policy during Student Teaching?
Student Teachers are expected to be present every day of Student Teaching. In the case of a serious illness or emergency, the Student Teacher should notify his/her classroom teacher and the university supervisor no later than 7:00a.m. the morning of the absence. Unless approved by the university supervisor, the office of Field Experience, and the host school administration, absences beyond two days from Student Teaching will need to be made up.
Who grades me during Student Teaching?
Grading is based on Formal Evaluations from the Field Supervisor and the Informal, Daily Evaluations of the Cooperating Teacher. You will receive a "Pass or Fail" grade and Student Teaching may only be repeated once.
What if I have a criminal record?
Each school district completes a Criminal Background Check on you. Eligibility to Student Teach is determined by the District. All students are required to submit a Fingerprint Check to the state of Texas who determines eligibility for certification.
What do I wear for Student Teaching?
Student Teachers should dress as if it is a job interview every day. Clothes should be clean and professional. Candidates' student teaching in physical education or marching band may wear appropriate athletic wear when needed.
How does Substitute Teaching and Student Teaching work?
Student Teachers may only serve as substitute teachers after successfully completing 6 weeks of the semester. Student Teachers should contact and receive approval from their Field Supervisor before agreeing to serve as a Substitute Teacher.