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Student Assistant Positions for new FY

Did you know?

            Student assistant positions roll forward to the new fiscal year at the same rate of pay as their August 16 – 31st timesheet?  If you originally set them up in the Oracle Student Card system with an end date of August 31, 20XX, the student assignment will roll forward to the next fiscal year so you do not need to enter another Student Card for them.

            If you want to give them a pay raise, you will need to go into the Oracle Student Card system and complete a “change” request.  In order for a change of rate to work, the student must have a current active assignment on the same position as the one you want to change the rate.  If they do not currently work on that POSITION, then you will need to insert a new card.

            If the student no longer works on that position, then you need to enter a disablement request.

            If you receive more than one timesheet for a student on the exact same position, then you need to return one of them marked “duplicate”.           

           Minimum wage has increased to $7.25 and should be reflected in the enclosed timesheets.  If you have someone that is below this rate, please contact Payroll at 2172.            

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