Direct Deposit

Directions for viewing pay stubs on mySFA:

Open an Internet Browser, preferably Netscape or Internet Explorer. Other browsers may cause problems! Go to Enter your Username and PIN and click OK.

In order to access your information, you need to have a User Name and PIN. If you have any difficulty accessing your information, then you need to contact one of the following:

  • Faculty - 2111
  • Staff - 1230
  • Students - 1370

Once you have logged onto mySFA follow these steps to obtain your direct deposit information:

  • select the myServices tab
  • select Employee Services (usually at the bottom of the page)
  • select Payroll (on the blue bar, under the myServices tab)
  • select Pay Stub
  • choose correct year (current year is the default)
  • choose display option (this is the option to display your name &/or SSN)
  • click on ‘select’ (your Check Stub will be displayed)
  • you may then select Pay Stub again and choose a different pay date, or select a different option, or click on ‘Logout’ to exit.


You will be able to display your pay stub information as soon as we have processed payroll for any pay period, HOWEVER, the money will not be in your account until pay day!

PAY DAY is the 1st (monthly employees) or the 1st & 15th (semi-monthly employees.) If pay day is on a weekend or holiday, pay day changes to the next business day.

Check with your bank to ensure your money is there BEFORE you begin spending it!

If you stop working at SFASU, payroll will NOT automatically stop direct deposit. If you ever come back to work at SFASU, payroll will begin direct depositing to the account on file. You will want to make sure this is a good account.

Contact Information • Judy Duffin (936) 468-2172 • Tammi Thompson (936) 468-2451 • fax: (936) 468-2207

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