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Due Dates

Due dates are extremely important and will be adhered to in the future. The reason for a due date is to make sure that payroll has the opportunity to enter all the information necessary to take care of your employee and to make sure they are paid accurately and timely.

Due dates are listed on every pre-printed timesheet and vacation sick leave report that leaves the payroll office. If your employee has turned in all of their paperwork when they are hired and the department prepares documentation (PAR or Student Card) to set up their assignment prior to the start of a new pay period, the department will receive a pre-printed timesheet.

Beginning immediately, timesheets not turned in by the due date will not be processed until the next available payroll run. Please notify your employees to make sure they sign the timesheet after all hours have been added up for the pay period so they will know how much to expect on their check. It is the department’s responsibility to make sure the timesheet is accurate and complete including all signatures. Information that is not on the timesheet that needs to be will be cause for the timesheet to be returned to the department. All information is necessary, or we would not ask for it. If you have any questions on a “blank” timesheet you need to turn in for a new employee, questions should be addressed to payroll prior to turning it in to eliminate the need for us to return it. If we have to return the timesheet, your employee will probably not to be paid on time.

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