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Purpose of the SFACard

SFA has partnered with Higher One®, a financial services company, to provide a method for delivering all student refunds—the SFACard. It is your key to selecting one of three delivery methods for any future refund:

Remember, it’s your choice and you can change your refund preference as any time by logging on to There is no fee to make the change. Even if you choose to not open the OneAccount, it is still a good idea to keep your SFACard in case you want to change your refund preference in the future. Don’t toss it!

Why is your refund money going to the SFACard?

Often, the term “your money went to your SFACard” is used when describing SFA refunds. In actuality, SFA disburses your refund to Higher One® (the company that produces the SFACard) which then in turn disburses the refund to you according to the preference you selected.

Why activate your SFACard?

Even if you are not currently expecting a refund, you may have one sometime during your SFA career. After all, you may decide to drop a class, you might receive a scholarship or assistance, or you may be due a deposit refund. Selecting a refund preference ensures you'll always receive your refunds in a timely manner.

The University does not have a default refund option. Therefore ALL students should activate their SFACard to select their refund preference. If you are due a refund and you do not select a refund preference, a check will be mailed to you after 21 days.

Activate your SFACard at

Why does SFA process refunds through Higher OneĀ®?

Bank transactions are not free and paper checks cost SFA a lot of money to process. With SFACard, SFA can handle all student refunds via electronic deposit to Higher One®, while students have more options and control of how they receive their student refund payments. The ability to provide electronic deposit of refunds reduces operating costs for the University while improving convenience for students.

Some things to consider when selecting your refund preference


Deposit to another account

How do you activate your SFACard?

The activation process takes place online at Click “Get Started!”

What should you do if you don’t receive your SFACard?

You should receive your SFACard within 10 days of registering for classes. The card will be sent to the address you have designated as your mailing address in mySFA. You should also receive an e-mail through your official SFA e-mail address stating your SFACard has been shipped. You will keep the same SFACard throughout your entire SFA career, so don’t toss it!

Your SFACard will arrive in a bright green envelope. If you have not yet received your SFACard, go to and click “Where’s My Card” or contact the SFA Business Office:

Phone:  (936) 468-6960
In Person: 2nd floor of the Austin Building

How can you check the status of your refund?

You may check the status of your refund by logging on to using your email address and password.  In the drop down menu under the "Refunds" tab, select "Refund Status & History.” A new page will display the status of your refund and provide a history of your refund preferences.

What if you have additional questions about SFACard or Higher One®?

What is the OneAccount?

The OneAccount is an FDIC insured checking account offered by Higher One®. Through the OneAccount, cardholders can use their SFACard to make purchases wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted, get cash at ATMs, pay bills, and more using the funds that are available in their OneAccount. It is important to note that the SFACard is not a credit card, but rather a debit card. The SFACard is only an active debit card if you choose to open the OneAccount and make a deposit.

If you opt for a OneAccount, you will have quick access to your account balances and transaction history through Additionally, you may set up Mobile Alerts for refund status, deposits, and OneAccount balances at

How do you access your OneAccount funds?


For fee-free withdrawal, use a Higher One® ATM for withdrawing funds from your OneAccount. A Higher One® ATM is located on the 1st floor of the Baker Pattillo Student Center on the SFA campus. Although your SFACard may be used at any ATM that accepts MasterCard®, if you use another bank’s ATM you may be charged a service fee from that bank as well as a fee from Higher One®. NOTE: ATM withdrawals are capped at $500 per day.

Swipe & Sign

The SFACard is only an active debit card if you choose to open the OneAccount and make a deposit. Select “credit” instead of “debit” at any merchant that accepts Debit MasterCard® to avoid transaction fees. Simply “Swipe & Sign” for fee-free, pinless Debit MasterCard purchases. If you select “debit”, your PIN will be required and a fee will apply. EXCEPTION: When making payments to SFA with your OneAccount funds using your SFACard, the following fees will apply:

So, when making a payment to SFA using your SFACard, always do so in person at the Business Office…the fees are much less expensive that way.

How does the SFACard relate to the OneAccount?

Your SFACard is used to access your OneAccount if you selected OneAccount as your refund preference. OneAccount is only one of the three refunds methods from which you may choose.

JackBucks vs OneAccount – what’s the difference?

JackBucks is a stored value card program at SFA. Parents and students can add money to an account held by the University for the student’s use. Students can spend Jack Bucks at participating merchants on or off campus.

The OneAccount is an actual bank account, and funds can be accessed online or with the SFACard. Your SFACard can be used wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted and at any ATM that accepts MasterCard® branded cards. 

Where can the OneAccount routing and account numbers be found?

Your OneAccount routing number and account number can be found on the top portion of your online OneAccount statement.  Or, visit and log in with your email address and password. Then click on the User Profile tab and scroll down to Accounts.

Banking with the OneAccount

What are the daily spending limits by a OneAccount cardholder?

The total amount of funds that can be spent in 24 hours is $3,000. Of this total amount, $500 can be in ATM withdrawals or PIN-based transactions and $2,500 can be "Swipe and Sign" card transactions. NOTE: since the daily limit for MasterCard® PIN-based debit card transactions is $500, if this is met in a single day, the remaining $2,500 must be for credit-related, "Swipe and Sign" card transactions only.

For Cash Advances, cardholders can go to any bank that accepts MasterCard®, go to a teller, swipe the card as Credit and can withdraw up to $2,500. There is a Higher One® fee associated with a Cash Advance which is 3.5% or a $5 minimum. NOTE: this fee could be up to $87.50. The bank may charge a fee in addition to the Higher One® fee. Cardholders will want to leave a balance sufficient to cover the fee(s). Fees can be avoided by using "Swipe and Sign," a Higher One® ATM, or On-Line Billpay instead.

If you are a OneAccount holder and use your card at another bank's ATM, what are the applicable fees?

The amount charged by Higher One® depends on which type of OneAccount you select--check the fee schedule at Additionally, the other bank may charge a fee.

What should you do if you suspect fraudulent activity on your OneAccount?

Contact Higher One® Customer Service immediately. You can also dispute transactions online at

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