Card Use Agreement

(Sign and return with card application)

I agree that use of the Corporate Charge Card, referred to as "the Card" below, will be governed by the following:

  • I understand the Card is to be used for State of Texas business travel charges only and is not for personal use. Use of the Card for charges other than official state business is a direct violation of the State’s contract, Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion No. 147, and the State Travel Management Program’s rule (1 TAC 125.9(a)) and, therefore, a misapplication of the state-issued card. Further, I understand that any misuse will result in cancellation of the Card and could be subject to disciplinary action.
  • I will be responsible for all charges resulting from use of the Card and understand that I am required to pay the account in a timely manner. Further, I understand that if my account goes sixty (60) days’ delinquent, the Card will be canceled. Cancellation of the Card, for any reason, does not relieve me of any responsibility for payment of the charges and delinquency assessments.
  • I understand that if an emergency situation (i.e., lost luggage) relating to the business of SFASU, while away from designated headquarters, required the use of the Card, I must immediately notify the Travel Office at SFASU in writing of the charges and provide an explanation of the situation.
  • I understand that my direct supervisor may be notified in writing of any apparent misuse or delinquency on my individual corporate card account. I also understand that any proven misuse of the Card may be reflected in my next scheduled performance review or be placed as a permanent notation in my personnel file.

I understand the above-stated policies, regulations, and penalties for using a State of Texas individual corporate travel charge card and agree to abide by them.

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Travel Office


Contact Information • Lynnette Honea (936) 468-2462 • fax: (936) 468-2207

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