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Charge Card for Travel Expenses Policy

For State of Texas Use Only

An individual corporate charge card is available for eligible employees. To be eligible to apply, the employee must take, or expect to take, three (3) or more business trips per fiscal year, or expend at least $500 per fiscal year for official State business. An employee is not required to apply for or accept a State-issued charge card.

The State-issued individual corporate charge card is to be used for business-related charges only while traveling on official State business. Use of the card for personal business is considered a violation of State policy and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action. The individual whose name appears on the card is solely responsible for payment of the account. If the card is suspended or cancelled for misuse or nonpayment, the employee will be ineligible for travel advances from the University.

If the application is approved by the credit card company, the employee agrees to be bound by the cardmember agreement which will be sent with each card. Additionally, the employee agrees to be bound by the State policies governing the use of the card. Applications and further information concerning this program are available in the Controller’s Office or at Travel Website. The employee, the employee’s supervisor, and the travel manager in the Controller’s Office must sign the application.

Contact Information • Lynnette Honea (936) 468-2462 • fax: (936) 468-2207

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