Travel Planning for Interviews of Prospective Employees

Planning Checklist:

  • Determine which expenses will be paid by the University, what account will be charged, and whether budget is available to cover these expenses. (The search committee and/or department determine what costs, if any, will be covered.)
  • Determine if a telephone interview or videoconference interview would be appropriate. If so, contact Randy Watson in OIT to schedule use of videoconferencing equipment.
  • Be sure and acquire all pertinent information from prospective employee:
    • full name
    • mailing address
    • e-mail address
    • telephone numbers
    • social security number
    • smoking or non-smoking preference (if hotel reservations are going to be made)
    • special dietary concerns
  • If expenses are to be paid by the University, please submit a completed Substitute W-9 form to the Travel Office so the Prospective Employee can be set up in the Banner system.
  • If expenses are to be paid by the University, submit a Prospective Employee Travel Request in the Banner system to the Travel Office with appropriate approvals. The written request form is for use within the department.
  • Determine which type of transportation will be used, ensuring that the least expensive mode of travel is charged to the University.
  • For pricing information, check our negotiated prices listed on the Purchasing web page.
  • If ground transportation is needed, determine if SFA or traveler will make the arrangements and whether they will be made at the airport or locally.
  • Refer prospective employee to our travel website in order that they can familiarize themselves with the University and the State of Texas travel guidelines.
  • Send prospective employee the Prospective Employee Travel Checklist if applicable.

Contact Information • Lynnette Honea (936) 468-2462 • fax: (936) 468-2207

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