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Vehicle Cost Comparison - Rental Vehicle vs Personal Vehicle

The vehicle cost comparison calculator compares the auto rental cost vs. the personal vehicle reimbursement cost. SFA’s contract provisions with Enterprise car rental company include no additional charge for picking up a rental on Saturday (or after 4 pm on Friday) for travel beginning on Sunday, and no drop fee for one-way rentals in Texas. Therefore, it may be more cost effective to drive a rental vehicle to the airport and drop it off there than to use a personal vehicle and pay airport parking fees.

A copy of the vehicle cost comparison calculation must be included with the Travel Expense Module (TEM) expense report only when claiming mileage reimbursement for a personal vehicle. A copy of the Google Maps or MapQuest mileage calculation must also be included. An employee choosing to utilize a personal vehicle will be reimbursed the calculated auto rental cost amount if it is less than the personal vehicle reimbursement cost.

Vehicle Cost Comparison Calculator

Google Maps - Mileage Calculator

MapQuest - Mileage Calculator

Enterprise - Contracted Rates

Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption
SFA is exempt from paying State of Texas taxes. Therefore, when renting a vehicle in Texas, renters must provide the Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption Certificate to vendors or request the rental to be direct billed to SFA. Employees will not be reimbursed for State of Texas taxes. When renting a vehicle out of state, renters should refer to the Tax Exemption - Out of State chart.

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