Most Common Travel Reminders

Gasoline Purchases:

  • Get a receipt that shows actual number of gallons dispensed and price per gallon.  Prepaid gasoline receipts cannot be reimbursed.


Prepaid Registration Fee:

  • Travel Requisition for registration only - in addition to entering the actual registration amount, select any other travel commodity line and enter $1.00.  (This routes the request through the appropriate travel approval queues.)   If the registration is to be paid by pcard, enter only the $1.00 on any travel commodity line other than registration, so that the request will go through the appropriate travel approval queues.
  • Travel Requisition for registration and other travel expenses – enter the registration amount separately on the appropriate commodity line.  Send Travel Office the related Purchase Voucher and invoice from which to prepay registration fee.


Travel Voucher:

  • Attach conference, workshop, or meeting agenda to the Travel Voucher (as required by Travel Policy C-49).


Mileage Documentation:

  • Reimbursement for personal mileage must be documented in one of the following ways:
    • Using, select “Get Directions” and enter the employee’s duty point address in “A” and the destination address in “B”.  Select the route with the fewest miles (regardless of whether that was the route actually driven).  Print the text version of the route and attach to the Travel Voucher.
    • To claim actual miles driven, complete the Point to Point Odometer Log form on the SFA Travel Office website and attach to the Travel Voucher.

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