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Travel Tips

Valet Parking
Valet parking is not an SFA reimbursable expense.

Gasoline Purchases:
Get a receipt that shows actual number of gallons dispensed and price per gallon with total purchase price.  Prepaid gasoline receipts cannot be reimbursed. Additionally, use your Tcard for gasoline for auto rental only and not mileage for your personal vehicle.

Conference Agenda
A conference agenda is required for both the Travel Authorization (TA) and the Travel Reimbursement (TR). You will have to manually add it to each one because it will not copy forward when you generate the TR. It is very important to have the agenda attached, or the closest thing available such as a business email, notice of meeting, etc. whether the trip price is $1,000.00 or $0.

Prepaid Registration Fee:
Travel Authorization for registration only - in addition to entering the actual registration amount, select registration paid with TCard or personal card. (This routes the request through the appropriate travel approval queues.)   If the registration is to be paid by pcard, enter a registration line, so that the request will go through the appropriate travel approval queues.

Travel Authorization for registration and other travel expenses when it has to be paid to a third party by check– enter the registration amount on a separate expense line and choose payment type of Purchase Voucher.  Send Travel Office the related Purchase Voucher and invoice with a due date to prepay registration fee with the TA number noted at the top.

Mileage Documentation:
Reimbursement for personal mileage must be documented in one of the following ways:

Hotel Rental Tax Exemption and Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption:

Please be sure and fill out the appropriate forms for Hotel Exemption and and Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption and take them with you to obtain tax exempt status at the hotel’s front desk and Enterprise’s Front Desk. It is much easier to do this up front, and not have to follow up with phone calls or emails to get these amounts taken off.

Calculating Lodging Exceeds:

Exception Request for Travel:

Exceptions to the travel guidelines for medical reasons must be approved in advance. If you have a request for any portion of your travel that does not follow SFA policies or guidelines, please contact the Human Resources Director regarding the process to request accommodations. The exception request will be considered by a disability committee who will either approve or disapprove the request. This request must be submitted in a timely manner in order to be reviewed before the travel occurs.  The committee’s written approval decision must be included in your expense report as an attachment.

Expedia or other travel discount website used:
A paid receipt is required from a travel discount provider, which includes the nightly fee, tax breakdown, and hotel vendor. If you utilize one of these websites for a room in the State of Texas, there will be state tax charged to you. You must calculate the tax amount charged and code it to Tcard overage to be reimbursed to SFA. Here is a helpful link to retreive a paid receipt via Expedia:

Common reimbursement problems:

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