Stephen F. Austin State University

What Should I Expect?

Scheduling the First Appointment

When you call to set up your appointment with Counseling Services, the first available appointment will be made that fits your schedule. You may request a specific counselor (see Our Staff for information about our counselors), or you may be placed with the counselor who has the earliest opening available.

First Session Process

When you arrive for your first session, check in at the Counseling Services desk. A staff member will escort you to the private waiting area and give you the Counseling Services intake form, which includes information about yourself, a brief description of why you're seeking counseling, and the Consent to Participate in Counseling sheet. Please try to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete this paperwork.

Your counselor will meet you in the waiting area and walk you back to the counselor's office. Your counselor will review paperwork, gather information about why you are seeking counseling and any relevant history, and help you develop goals for future sessions. Exploring your concerns and gathering information can sometimes take more than one session.

Concerns About Counseling

It is normal to feel nervous about meeting with a counselor for the first time. Most people feel much more comfortable after meeting their counselor and discussing things with them.

For more details on what to expect from counseling, see Frequently Asked Questions.