Stephen F. Austin State University


Department of Public Safety Staff

Police Administration Staff Phone Email

Amanda Kennedy, Interim Executive Director/Chief of Police

Marcus Madden, Interim Associate Director/Asst. Chief of Police 936-468-2607
Karen Moore, Administrative Specialist 936-468-2252
Erika Colegio, Administrative Assistant 936-468-2607
Parking and Traffic Administration Staff Phone Email
Cynthia Haile, Director of Parking and Traffic 936-468-7275
Tina Layton, Parking and Traffic Coordinator 936-468-7275
Peggy Brown, Parking and Traffic Clerk 936-468-7275
Cindy Lay, Shuttle Bus Driver 936-468-7275
Parking and Traffic Enforcement Staff Phone Email
Mark Jordan, Sgt.- Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Rickey Kirkland 936-468-7275
Mike Hall, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Henry Brown, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Uril Upshaw, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Stephen Ford, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Criminal Investigations Phone Email
Jamie Campbell, Detective Sergeant 936-468-2608
Richard Shelton, Detective Corporal 936-468-2608
Eleno Adame, Detective 936-468-2608
Police Patrol Phone Email
Clint Patterson, Sergeant 936-468-2608
Doug Mask, Sergeant 936-468-2608
William Hartley, Sergeant 936-468-2608
Chris Newberg, Corporal 936-468-2608
Ed Fincher, Corporal 936-468-2608
Justin Henderson, Corporal 936-468-2608
Ricky Havard, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Sarah Evans, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Joel Cook, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Omar Ibarra, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Chris McClurg, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Ian McDonald, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Vacant, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Jose De Jesus, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Austin Coker, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Troy Ansley, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Collen Russell, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Tyler Due, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Jimmy Jones, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Police Dispatch Phone Email
Leiah Allen, Dispatcher Coordinator/TAC 936-468-2608
Teresa Williams, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Coby Carter, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Muriel Taylor, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Debbie Barlow, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Ronna Decker, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Richard Chandler, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Deanna McCollum, Dispatcher 936-468-2608