Campus Alert

Outdoor siren and Jack Alert test Wednesday. Click here for more information.

Stephen F. Austin State University


Department of Public Safety Staff

Police Administration Staff Phone Email

Marc Cossich, Executive Director/Chief of Police

Chris Rivers, Asst. Chief of Police 936-468-2607
Karen Moore, Administrative Specialist 936-468-2252
Heather Bruce, Administrative Assistant 936-468-2607
Parking and Traffic Administration Staff Phone Email
Clayton Harrington, Director of Parking and Traffic 936-468-7275
T.R. Dugger, Lt.-Manager of Parking and Traffic 936-468-7275
Tina Layton, Parking and Traffic Coordinator 936-468-7275
Peggy Brown, Parking and Traffic Clerk 936-468-7275
Cindy Lay, Shuttle Bus Driver 936-468-7275
Parking and Traffic Enforcement Staff Phone Email
Mark Jordan, Sgt.- Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Lane Feazell, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
George Ellis, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Jack Noble, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Uril Upshaw, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Mark Overton, Traffic Enforcement 936-468-7275
Public Safety Technology Phone Email
Jared Roten, Director of Public Safety Technology 936-468-1239
James Lee, Technician Specialist 936-468-2608
Vacant, Technician Specialist 936-468-2608
John Edens, Technician Specialist 936-468-2608
Bob Utterback, Technician Specialist 936-468-2608
Criminal Investigations Phone Email
Amanda Kennedy, Detective Sergeant 936-468-2608
Richard Shelton, Detective Corporal 936-468-2608
Richard Steptoe, Detective Corporal 936-468-2608
Police Patrol Phone Email
Clint Patterson, Sergeant 936-468-2608
Doug Mask, Sergeant 936-468-2608
Marcus Madden, Sergeant 936-468-2608
Jacob Beck, Corporal 936-468-2608
Chris Newberg, Corporal 936-468-2608
Ed Fincher, Corporal 936-468-2608
Joel Cook, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Michael Gray, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Sarah Evans, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Justin Henderson, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Omar Ibarra, Police Officer 936-468-2608
William Hartley, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Chris McClurg, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Ian McDonald, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Chad Branton, Police Officer 936-468-2608
George Burns, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Eleno Adame, Police Officer 936-468-2608
James Cowan, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Mark Guerra, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Collin Russell, Police Officer 936-468-2608
Police Dispatch Phone Email
Leiah Allen, Dispatcher Coordinator/TAC 936-468-2608
Teresa Williams, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Coby Carter, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Muriel Taylor, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Kirby Parnell, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Ronna Decker, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Richard Chandler, Dispatcher 936-468-2608
Angelia Brent, Dispatcher 936-468-2608