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Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) Status Chart

Hard Copy Evidence (Specialized Professional Reports are located in the NCATE Office Room 357)

Program Name Award Level (Bachelor's, Master's, or for Certification Only) Program Level (ITP or ADV)* Number of Candidates Admitted (2005) Agency or Association Reviewing Programs (State or NAEYC) Program Report Submitted for Review (Yes or Not) State Approval Status National Recognition Status by NCATE**
Early Childhood-4th Bachelor's ITP 385 NAEYC Yes Yes NR
Early Childhood Specialist Master's ADV 8 NAEYC Yes Yes R
Early Childhood-4th PBIC Certification ITP 114 NAEYC Yes Yes NRC
Middle School Program (4-8) Bachelor's ITP 165 NMSA Yes Yes NR
Middle Schol Math (4-8) Bachelor's ITP 41 NCTM Yes Yes NR
Math (8-12) Bachelor's ITP 23 NCTM Yes Yes NR
Middle School Social Studies (4-8) Bachelor's ITP 24 NCSS Yes Yes N
History (8-12) Bachelor's ITP 30 NCSS Yes Yes N
Social Studies (8-12) Bachelor's ITP 14 NCSS Yes Yes N
Middle School Science (4-8) Bachelor's ITP 41 NSTA Yes Yes N
Life Science (8-12) Bachelor's ITP 5 NSTA Yes Yes N
English (8-12) Bachelor's ITP 37 NCTE Yes Yes R
Modern Languages (8-12) Bachelor's ITP 13 ACTFL Yes Yes NRC
EC-12 Physical Education Bachelor's ITP 125 NASPE Yes Yes NRC
EC-12 Health Bachelor's ITP 14 AAHE Yes Yes NR
EC-12 Special Education Bachelor's ITP 42 CEC Yes Yes NRC
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bachelor's ITP 5 CEC Yes Yes NRC
Visually Impaired   ADV 15 CEC Yes Yes NR
Educational Diagnostician Master's ADV 16 CEC Yes   R
Principal Master's ADV 194 ELCC
Yes Yes NRC
Superintendent Master's ADV 24 ELCC
Yes Yes NRC
Reading Specialist Master's  ADV 8 IRA Yes Yes NRC
School Psychology Master's ADV 8 NASP Yes Yes NR

*ITP = Initial Teacher Teacher Preparation; ADV = Advanced Preparation
**NR = Nationally recognized; NRC = Nationally recognized with conditions; N=not recognized; R= Resubmit; NN=Not yet notified of status; NA=not applicable

Program Name Agency or Association Reviewing Programs (State or National) Approved Status
Business AACSB Yes
Speech-Language-Hearing ASHA Yes
Counseling CACREP Yes
Music NASM Yes
Theatre NAST Yes

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