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About PDK

Phi Delta Kappa, a professional association for educators, serves more than 500,000 members in an extensive network of more than 650 chapters, which are located in the Untied States and Canada as well as in nations throughout Europe and Asia. This association was first founded in 1906, and its international office is located in Bloomington, Indiana.

PDK, a dedicated advocate for public schools, provides a wide range of initiatives to prepare and serve the next generation of educators, including practicing teachers, administrators, and college educators. This international organization publishes the Phi Delta Kappan, the most often cited education journal in the United States, and it also sponsors the annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.


The mission of Phi Delta Kappa International is to promote high-quality education, in particular publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life. PDK accomplishes this mission through visionary leadership, relevant research, and dedicated service.


Members of PDK hold the following beliefs:

  • Education should be publicly supported,
  • High-quality education is essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life,
  • The ethical ideals of leadership, research, and service should be upheld
  • Leadership should be nurtured and developed, and
  • A dynamic organization incorporates the needs of its members, is responsive to the environment and trends, and changes as needed.

Professional Membership

Professional membership is available to those who:

  • Support the mission and purpose of Phi Delta Kappa International
  • Demonstrate professional conduct
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree or equivalent standard as determined by the International Board
  • Are licensed or credentialed as educators, or employed in an education-related field, or are undergraduate education majors who are participating in or have completed student teaching

Professional membership fees are $85 (International-$75 and local chapter-$10) and undergraduate Student Membership Fees are $42.50. Membership applications can be accessed:

Stephen F. Austin State University Chapter of PDK

The Stephen F. Austin State University Chapter, one of 32 PDK Chapters located in the state of Texas, consists of approximately 50 members. In 2005, this chapter received recognition as the Outstanding Chapter in the state of Texas for its large number of active members and participation in numerous scholarly activities.

PDK/SFASU Chapter Sponsored Events:

  • Annual Walk for Education
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Scholarships
    • Donnya Stephens Education Scholarship: Mr. Jacob Hightower – 2012 Recipient
    • Thomas Franks Education Scholarship: Ms. Maggie Oberpriller – 2012 Recipient
    • Betty Alford Education Scholarship: Mr. Beau Johnson Blair – 2012 Recipient
    • Lee Stewart Educational Leadership Scholarship: Mr. Greg Branch – 2012 Recipient
    • Sandra Lowery Educational Leadership: Ms. Shelly Slaton – 2012 Recipient

      2012 Educator of the Year Award: Dr. Janet Tareilo

PDK/SFASU Chapter Officers for 2012-2013

  • Dr. Michelle Williams, President
  • Ms. Carolyn Stufft, Secretary
  • Dr. Stacy Hendricks, Vice President Membership
  • Dr. Jannah Nerren, Treasurer
  • Dr. Kimberly Welsh, Foundation Representative
  • Dr. Kerry Roberts, Activities Program and Recognition
  • Dr. Betty Alford, Advisor
  • Dr. Pauline Sampson, Advisor
  • Dr. Mary Catherine Ninos, Publicity
  • Dr. Jeanie Gresham, Newsletter
  • Dr. Ralph Marshall, Scholarships

Former PDK/SFASU Chapter Educators of the Year

  • Dr. Janet Tareilo
  • Dr. Sandra Stewart
  • Dr. Patrick Jenlink
  • Dr. Pauline Sampson
  • Dr. Ralph Marshall
  • Dr. Julia Ballenger
  • Dr. John Jacobson
  • Dr. Melanie McGill
  • Mr. G. W. Neal
  • Dr. Donnya Stephens
  • Dr. Molly Appleberry
  • Ms. Paulette Wright
  • Dr. Betty Alford
  • Dr. Patsy Hallman
  • Dr. Dan Angel
  • Dr. Jeannie Gresham
  • Dr. Mel Finkenberg
  • Mr. Jimmy Partin
  • Dr. Ralph Eddings
  • And others….

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