Stephen F. Austin State University

Academic Advising

Advising Protocol

Each graduate student's education is greatly enhanced when he/she receives sound academic advising. Therefore, advising is mandatory for all graduate candidates in the Department of Elementary Education. Program Coordinators serve as advisors. Graduate students take the initiative in seeking advising and advisors respond to students in a timely manner as good advising is a cooperative activity that students and faculty must work together to achieve. If admission to the graduate program is provisionary or probationary, it is the graduate student's responsibility to make sure the deficiency is satisfied before moving into the next semester.

The Department of Elementary Education values its students and provides quality advising to each graduate student each semester. In an effort to ensure personal one-on-one advising, this Advising Protocol is designed to offer optimal opportunities for communicating with your advisor. Students adhering to the protocol are guaranteed to have their advising questions answered in a timely manner so they can register for classes.

Graduate students in the Department of Elementary Education are permitted to their classes. This means that in order to register, the advisor must recommend the course and request the academic advising hold be released. Admission deficiencies must be satisfied before advancing to the next semester. Upon release of the academic advising hold, and barring there are no other holds, the graduate candidate is free to register for classes once registration opens. It is highly recommended that students seek advising well before registration begins.

Advisor & Advisee Expectations

The working relationship between advisor and advisee is most successful when both parties put forth time and effort to establish and maintain rapport. Understanding the roles of each strengthens their bond.



Academic Advisors

Dr. Brandon Fox

Elementary Education M.Ed.

Initial Certification Master's

Dr. Kimberly Welsh

Reading Specialist Certification

Master Reading Teacher Certification

Dr. Susan Casey

Early Childhood M.Ed.

ESL/Bilingual Certification