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The Department of English offers a variety of courses in world, British, and American literature; writing; creative writing; film studies; linguistics; and literary criticism. We house a variety of majors and minors in these and related fields, and we instruct both undergraduate and graduate (MA) students. Our faculty members are productive and creative scholars; they teach with enthusiasm and skill and hold degrees from universities all across America.

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Highlights of Some English Courses in Fall 2017

English 426 : British Novels of the Mind - In all of human history, the novel is relatively new, only a little over two centuries old. The novel as an art form is even more recent, and the novel that focuses on the "workings" of the human mind, human perceptions of life and "reality," the effects of conscious or unconscious actions and reactions . . . these are largely confined from the end of the nineteenth through the beginning of the twenty-first centuries.

-Can we ever definitely know the difference between perceptions of reality from those who "see" the paranormal and those who are "mentally disturbed"?

-Are there actual, discernible differences in the way that females and males perceive and interact with the natural world and the people around them?

-Can we actually change society by forcibly "changing" the perceptions and eventually the actions of individuals?

-Are what we think of as "Gods," just that . . . ideas contingent on human perception? If so, do those Gods diminish when we no longer take them seriously?

-What if the "reality" that we experience in this life is but one in a chain of many lives? Would we remember anything and be able to alter future events from our own past lives, those of our loved ones, and/or those of the historical world as we have known it?

Below are some of the books we may read and discuss in this class:

Henry James-Turn of the Screw

Virginia Woolf-To the Light House

George Orwell-1984

Neil Gaiman-American Gods

Kate Atkinson-Life After Life


Dr. Michael Given

Associate Professor of English

Stephen F. Austin State University

Nacogdoches, Texas 75962