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The Department of English offers a variety of courses in world, British, and American literature; writing; creative writing; film studies; linguistics; and literary criticism. We house a variety of majors and minors in these and related fields, and we instruct both undergraduate and graduate (MA) students. Our faculty members are productive and creative scholars; they teach with enthusiasm and skill and hold degrees from universities all across America.

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Highlights of Some English Courses in Spring 2016

ENG 448: Women Writers. One of the most familiar tropes of woman is that of the mother - we think about our own mothers, we see images and representations of mothers, we see and read stories about motherhood and parenting, and we contemplate whether those around us or ourselves will become mothers. This course will focus on texts written by women about motherhood: how do they conceptualize mothers? What do they see as the challenges and joys of motherhood? How does society view mothers and women who choose not to become mothers? How do mothers and women who choose not to be mothers conceive of their own identities?

Students will interview women about their decisions regarding motherhood, we will analyze online communities designed for mothers and women who choose not to be mothers, and we will engage texts women write about their own and other women's choices regarding motherhood with the aim of exploring the figure of the mother and its influence in our society.


Dr. Courtney Adams Wooten

Lower-Division Writing Program Administrator

Assistant Professor

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