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The Department of English offers a variety of courses in world, British, and American literature; writing; creative writing; film studies; linguistics; and literary criticism. We house a variety of majors and minors in these and related fields, and we instruct both undergraduate and graduate (MA) students. Our faculty members are productive and creative scholars; they teach with enthusiasm and skill and hold degrees from universities all across America.

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Highlights of Some English Courses in Fall 2015

English 481 Advanced Composition (TR 2pm - 3:15pm)

Students will reflect on their writing experiences, use genre analysis to investigate types of writing they might do in their future, and consider how they might engage in public/civic arenas through writing. Students will also workshop their writing with particular attention to writing style, revising work previously completed or being completed in other courses.

Contact: Dr. Courtney Wooten

ENGLISH 319: 20th Century British Literature

The 20th Century was one of the most transformative periods in human history. Some of the dynamic events occurring during that time included the collapse of European monarchies, WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, The Holocaust, The Nuclear Age, The Cold War, The Space Race, The Civil Rights Movement, Viet Nam, Watergate, the advent and influence of psychedelic drugs and music, and the introduction and influence of personal computing hardware and software. Cubist paintings, early cinema, and jazz music were all experimental forms that developed during this time, as artists of each era attempted to accurately describe the world that they saw, as it flew past and changed around them. Authors of those times were attempting to do the same, as they came up with new forms, such as the internal monologue in poetry and the stream of consciousness in fiction. We will read a wide range of authors, using a wide range of forms. We will read and discuss poets such as W.B. Yeats, T.S Eliot, Edith Sitwell, Ezra Pound, W.H. Auden, Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin, and Seamus Heaney. We will read fiction from authors such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Muriel Spark, and Roddy Doyle. And we will also read essays that help to inform us about this troubled but fascinating century.

Contact: Dr. Michael Given